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Mom me a fleece sweater from scratch. Do your pawrents sew you things? I’m now expecting a whole new wardrobe STAT!
16 hours ago
Current favourite outfit 🤍 @hm @newlook An oversized knit is perfect for this season as it keeps you warm but can also be styled to look super chic 🤍 asforyou #capsulewardrobe #layeringseason #zarawomen #zaranewin #hmoutfit #londonstreetstyle #hmxme #winterstylefashion #winterfits #winterfashion #winteroutfit #dailyposts #newlook #januarystyle
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My new vlog is out guys. Link is available in my bio or you can search "Minu Katharpi" . . . #minukatharpi #newvlogs #morningvibes #morningvlog #instaposé #dailyposts
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"Compassion starts as a state of awareness, as a state of being rather than doing."kker passion.lypassionate, in support of another, starts with an inner state of being, a certain quality of presence and awareness. How do you cultivate your awareness? ***⁠ ⁠ The daily exercise and a tip was sent to people who joined our newsletter. If you want to receive it next time, please, sign up here: /the-daily-empathizer/⁠
16 minutes ago
Galatians 3 Part – 1 Paul seems to be angered by the Galatians and their faith being wrongly influenced by certain cults. In verse-2, he asks them, “Did you receive the Spirit observing the law or by believing what you heard?” • Through faith in Christ we receive the Holy Spirit and all His blessings, including the gift of eternal life. The person who seeks to be justified by observing the law does not receive the Spirit and life, for the law cannot impart life. Paul goes on to argue in verse-5, “Does God gave you His Spirit and miracles among you because you observe the law or because you believed believe what you heard?” terminativent in the working of miracles and the other manifestations of the Spirit. . . . . . . . .munity
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