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Once upon a time when we all didn't know about Corona. I can remember just going out with my homeboys hitting up certain spots without having to worry about any viruses, wearing a mask or having to carry around hand sanitizer. I can remember being able to smell the fresh air outside and whenever a person sneezes or cough then it wouldn't be a big deal. Now if anyone sneezes or cough outside its everything but bad . 😪😥🤧 I hope and pray that one day we all can unite and better this world together. 🙄😆 Day dreaming #viruses #corona #tbt #pray #ig #american #puertorico #cubian #jamaican #africanamerican #black #love #positiveenergy #positivevibes #instalike
10 months ago

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Hosting MUN event at my University campus. The most confident lady in my eye- yea, It's me. #proud #cubian #munevent #hosting #bbadepartment
19 days ago
С чего начать знакомство с кубинской музыкой? Ну конечно с тех исполнителей, альбомов, которые оставят вас неравнодушными к ней, а вернее надолго захватят ваше сердце❤️ ⠀ Именно такие 2 альбома я хочу вам сегодня порекомендовать: ⠀ 🇺🇸 Если вы «из джаза», то вам больше закатит Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Viva La Tradicion @shorchestra Это ярчайшие представители нью-йоркской «интеллигентной» сальсы. ⠀ 🇨🇺 А если вы из рока, фанка, поп-музыки - вы неприменно полюбите Calle Real - Lo Me Gane @callerealofficial Эти мощные ребята из Швеции показали всему миру, что кубинскую музыку могут играть не только кубинцы. ⠀ Я искренне желаю вам вкусить сладкий плод этой не такой уж и экзотической музыки. ⠀ Если вы полюбите её и углубитесь в её изучение - у вас не останется вопросов по ритмике, и любые сложные тутти и грувы дудут казаться вам лафой😉 ⠀ А вы можете что-нибудь порекомендовать из кубинской музыки? ⠀ 👇👇👇 ———————— Where to start exploring Cuban music? Well, of course, from those performers, albums that will leave you not indifferent to her, or rather will capture your heart for a long time❤️ These are the 2 albums I want to recommend to you today: 🇺🇸 If you are "from jazz", then the Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Viva La Tradicion for you @shorchestra . These are the brightest representatives of New York "intelligent" salsa. 🇨🇺 And if you are from rock, funk, pop music - you will definitely love Calle Real - Lo Me Gane @callerealofficial These powerful guys from Sweden showed the world that not only Cubans can play Cuban music. If you fall in love with it and delve into its study, you will not have any questions about rhythm, and any complex tutti and grooves will seem so easy to you😉 Can you recommend anything from Cuban music? 👇👇👇
1 month ago
25 November death anniversary of cubian president Fidel castro... Highlights Fidel Castro remembered for his ties with Nehru-Gandhi family Famous picture from 1983 Delhi NAM Summit shows Castro hugging Indira Castro said was proud to pass conference gavel to his 'sister' Indira New Delhi: Fidel Castro, the iconic Cuban revolutionary leader who died today, will be remembered in India for his close association with the Nehru-Gandhi family and especially his "sisterly" ties with former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi - which he sealed with a bear hug during the Non-Aligned Summit in New Delhi in 1983. At the inauguration of the Seventh Non-Aligned Summit in March 1983 at Vigyan Bhavan, that was attended by a record number of over 100 heads of state and government, Mr Castro, who headed the Cuban delegation, announced that, as host of the previous summit in Havana in 1979, he was happy and proud to pass the conference gavel to his "sister" Indira Gandhi.  #indiragandhi #fidelcastro #cubian #cuba #jawaharlalnehru #theleaderofindia #primeminister #priyankagandhi #rahulgandhi #newyork #havana
1 month ago
Skull Cross necklace⚜💀 ‏BEIER KING کاملا استیل و رنگ ثابت✅ با زنجیر ضخیم ویتالی ۹۰ سانت ✅ تضمین نیکس✅ --------------- ‏قیمت با زنجیر: 480/000T بدون زنجیر: 380/000T #cross #jesus #jesuschrist #skullcross #silver #necklace #chain #cartier #ironcross #ring #menstyle #menjewelry #jewelry #skull #skullart #womenjewelry #golden #goldenjewelry #cubian #vitality #صلیب #مسیح #گردنبند #گردنبند _خاص --------------- 📥سفارش این محصول از طریق دایرکت/تماس امکان پذیر میباشد📩 -📱+98 937 5-205-605 ❗ پرداخت درب منزل برای تبریز❗ --------------- ‏Secondpage : ‏@nyx_gang@nyx.plus
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