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Yesterday ex England footballer @dannymills77 popped in to see me for a class again! He’s a subscriber on @dynamicpilatestv and uses Pilates as part of his training (he still trains religiously and in fact ran the London marathon the other week) he’ll be making an appearance in tomorrow’s new release over on @dynamicpilatestv make sure you check it out! Wearing @blsportswear 🥰
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Shoulder strength 💥 scapula & pelvis stability 💥 with weights addition 💥 💥One arm plank to dolphin 🐬 💥One arm dolphin 🐬 with triceps spice 🌶 💥One arm plank with extra shoulder & triceps spice 💥One arm plank to sideplank transition with weights 🏋️‍♀️ 💥One arm plank to downdog with weights addition 💥One arm plank with triceps spice 🌶 💥 Plank with chest exploration 💥Scapula push-ups Like it 🔺 save it 🔺try it 🔺comment and share your experience 🔺 Outfit @aeonvie 10% off with promo code EQ10 🔳
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Prop Free Core Layers 💗 Exploring layers of one of my favourite reformer exercises (supine arms) on the mat today. Props aren’t necessary at all, but I added my @toneybands to it to give a little extra resistance, hand weights would work well too! ✨Swipe to see • Save to try ✨ Wearing my pink @toneybands for #toneybandsthursday too. Use my code ‘toneybandsthursday/lauren’ for 15% off your own pair. #pilates #pilateslovers #pilatesmat #matwork #matworkpilates #coreworkout #coreexercises #corestrength #FreshAirPilates #PilatesWithLoz
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It’s not about the right place, the right equipment and right time. You have to do it when you are motivated and when you aren’t. You won’t wake up every day wanting to brush your teeth or comb your hair, be nice to your coworkers, love on your kids/spouse, eat food that nourishes you, put gas in the car, pay the bills, etc. We do these things even when we don’t feel like it because we have a big picture goal. Your body is the only one you have. You must move it, strengthen it and pay it attention. Know you won’t feel like doing it every day, but make the time to do it anyway. It’s up to YOU! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
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#nogymnoproblem . 🤩one the BEST things I ever did for my #mentalhealth was quit the gym. . 🚫Quitting the gym, ditching diet culture, questioning and letting go of old beliefs and accepting myself as i am, are all linked. . 🕊These are all ways I’ve practiced healing. . 🧨My past relationship with exercise and my body was so toxic and traumatic that at one point I thought I’d never be able to engage safely in exercise agsin. . 🙌🏼Yet here I am. 11 years free. Moving in a way that feels nourishing, safe, calming, freeing. You can do it too. . 🧡Ditch the things that hurt you on the inside and find new ways to heal you. . ➡️Swipe across for the moves. DOWN DOG KNEE TO NOSE x10 TABLE BOOTY PULSE x 10 TABLE TO DOG WITH LIFTED LEG x 10 GODDESS PULSE x10 HOLD x 10 CHILDS POSE TO CHATARUNGA x10 REVERSE TABLE TOP PRESS UPS x10 BRIDGE LIFTS WITH OVERHEAD PRESS x10 REVERSE AB CRUNCH x 10 Once is enough 💪🏼 twice if you fancy it 💪🏼💪🏼 > Strength and Healing yourself doesn’t have to look one way. You do you girl - your OWN WAY 💋 . . ⇢ Mat & blocks @fableyoga ⇢ Music: Night out by: LiQWYD . #yogainspiredworkout #doityogiway #yogaandstrength #fullbodyworkout #exerciseformentalhealth #yogafit #corestrength #thealignedacademy #yogadrills #yogainspiredfitness #strengthdrills #healingthroughyoga #exercisemotivation #strengthtrainingathome #doityourway #yogafromhome #athomefitness #nogym #yogaworkout #fityogi #bodyfitness #strongbodystrongmind #workoutinspo #buildstrength #newtoyoga #freespirit #getfitdone
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🔹LOWER ABS🔹 Save & Try! By: @brazilian.blue Remember to workout with a purpose in mind. Our focus today is to destroy them lower abs. When performing these make sure to be focused on contraction of the abdomen the entire time. . . (3 S E T S O F E A C H) . 1️⃣ Seated leg raises variations. . 2️⃣ Weighted reverse crunch . 3️⃣ Weighted seated leg raises . 4️⃣ Bicycle crunch to jackknifes . 5️⃣ Controlled seated In & Outs . 6️⃣ Crossbody to lateral climbers . Enjoy the workout. . . . . #lowerbodymobility #abs #abstraining #absworkouts #absworkout #coreworkout #corestrength #coreexercises #6pack #sixpack #6packabs #bodyweight #bodyweightworkout #bodyweightexercises #workoutmotivation #workoutideas #fitness #fitnessideas
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Love me some C-Curve! It’s my favorite way to strengthen all 4 layers of the abdominal wall AND it feels so good to stretch out my low back like this. Do you wanna know the most effective exercise of all? The one you’re motivated to do! I see the value of all different forms of movement and as long as you’re moving, I’m a proponent! I’m headed into my first weekend intensive for STOTT Reformer so if you need me, I’ll be geeking out over the intricacies of Pilates. 📸: @kimskirha #pilates #ccurve #corestrength #corestability #happyback
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💜CORE💜 Hey friends. There’s two parts to this core workout. First part: set timer 40/20. Do each move 4x. . 💜Airplane/db pass then knee up/db pass. Same side. (Switch sides each round) 💜Wood chop (switch sides each round) 💜Forearm plank/db slide 💜Dead bug with db (switch sides each round) 💜1/4 Turkish get-ups (switch sides each round) . Second part core finisher: do each move for the number of reps listed. Repeat 2-4 rounds. 💜30 Russian twists 💜10 straight leg lifts/hip ups 💜15 full sit ups (elbows wide) 💜20 oblique knee in/toe reach (alt) 💜10 v-up/straight leg lift (alt) . The first 5 clips are for the timed moves. The second 5 clips are for the core finisher. Watch your form. Keep the core engaged. Use a lighter db but enough so you’ll feel it. Enjoy. Move. Dance. Laugh. Have a great weekend. 😄 #fitmom #fitat56 #fitness #core #coreworkout #coreexercises #corestrength #coretraining #dumbbell #fitnessinstructor #groupfitness
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🥁🕺 MEET MEL! 💃🥁 Mel is into her 5th year teaching Barre classes and has certificates in Ballet Barre Fitness: levels 1, 2 and 3, Stretch and Tone Barre, Pre and Post Natal Barre, Ballerobica and Pound fitness. Mel has a background of dance training and performing, and her BScN Degree from Queen's University. She loves the group fitness atmosphere, good music, and seeing all the familiar, friendly faces at class! You can find all of Mel's classes on our free BTC app! And as a special bonus, all of Mel's classes are available under our new "Upper Deck" promotion! From October to December you can get an Upper Deck membership for only $99 per month, for 3 months! This membership option gets you access to both our amazing studio spaces on our 2nd floor, the weight studio, and of course our Combat Education Studio! All membership, booking, and pricing inquieries go to our GM! Dallas Deman ddeman@badlandstraining.com 403-548-1879 ☆☆☆ #wod #crossfit #boxing #kickboxing #rockwall #mma #spin #yoga #pilates #barre #southlands #personaltraining #groupfitness #hiit #childcare #corestrength #cardio #alberta #medicinehat #gascity #badlands #desertblume #dunmore #redcliff #esplanade #medhat #recreation #gym #crescentheights
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October in California ✨ Which one is your favorite? 1,2,3 or 4? Wearing @ryderwear New PARADISE SWIM collection ⚡️in size Small. Use my code PAULINA to get a discount! This collection is coming SOON!! @ryderwearwomen 📸 @dp_adventurez @dannyp_photo
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