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There can surely be nothing better on a Monday in September, than beautiful late summer sunshine, blue skies and the faint whispering kiss of a breeze from the Gods. Walking along the waterways of this green and pleasant land is so calming for the soul, don't you think? The dart of a Kingfisher in the distance. Laughter filling the air on the towpath. The smell of diesel on the breeze as a pretty little narrow boat chugs slowly and merrily past. It's so good that our rivers and canals are teaming not only with wildlife, but also residents and holidaymakers alike. My first experience of canalside living was in Birmingham city centre, when I had an apartment on Gas Street. This type of city living was still quite new when I moved there in the early 2000's, but my, how it's grown over the past two decades. For years our canals were neglected, but not anymore. Regeneration of these once industrial areas has seen the rise of residential accommodation and wonderful hospitality venues dotted along the towpaths of these no longer forgotton inner city sanctuaries. The Birmingham to Worcester canal is particularly beautiful. The walk, cycle or pootle from one city centre to the other is 30 miles with 58 locks. There are plenty of places of interest along the way and views across the Worcestershire countryside aplenty. And when you arrive in Worcester, you'll be greeted by the sights, sounds and smells of Diglis Basin. A hub of activity. Many of the narrow boats moored at Diglis are residential. Some are coal powered and one of my favourite things to do on a winter's day when I lived there was to sit on my balcony and breath in this sooty air. Strange I know, but I love the smell of coal and petrol! This is where I captured this upside down image of my old apartment block, a case of reflection perfection perhaps? So when you next visit our cities, don't forget to explore our canals as well. They are wonderful places filled with wildlife, characters and lots of small businesses, either on dry land or moored to the towpath. If you want to find out more about our waterways, visit www.canalrivertrust.org.uk or follow @canalrivertrust .
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Was really looking forward to a bit of city life this weekend visiting my friend in Birmingham……this is mostly what we saw!!! Still, lovely to have a bit of country in the city!! 🤣 There are wild parakeets in the trees and I did spot one but didn’t manage to get a photo of one. #birmingham #highburyparkkingsheath #kingsheath #parks #nature #city #citybreak #staycation #trees #treesofinstagram #cityparks #nature #wildlife
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