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Sentitevi i più belli , e se non riuscite trovate chi vi stimola a ritrovare fiducia perché il gioiello più bello siamo noi! Buon Mercurio ☄️
2 months ago
BONJOUR...ce fût très bref...10 minutes d'éclarcie...mais ce fût le feu....Très belle journée à toi !
1 month ago
28 days ago

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40 minutes ago
I am creating a new collection of filters. Vintage. How do you see it dears? Does it look like an old picture from an analogic camera? It's my intention. 🤔🤔🤔Take care a lot.📸❤️ Wish I had had these things when I was a child. I only had a camera someone gave me and not money for films and develop. Anyways I have a lot of pictures in Bilbao. Hehhehe. Poor children don't have money. But when I had a little I knew how to invest it very good. Of course. ☺️ A secret. I prefer old style. Always. I will go for my camera someday. Hehehehehhehehehehe. Maybe it works still. Then I had more. I am old. Film was there very present when I was 20 years old. You are all very young ☺️
2 hours ago