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✨APPRECIATION POST✨ Just like a million others, lockdown led me to working out outdoors and then eventually getting a bike to ride for cardio days. One of my first rides was towards the Marina beach, until I was spotted by one of the best riders from @mongrelschennai - Deepak who invited me to join rides with their group. Of course, my real shy self never let me take that invitation seriously. One Sunday, I planned to do a solo 100 and needed expert advise on the best routes and while asking Deepak - he told me to just join them. My slightly introverted self just went along with the group albeit very silently. 2 months now, and it’s probably one of the best things that’s happened to me. The @mongrelschennai are a bunch of the warmest people who are always ready to help, motivate & keep you riding consistently. No, we don’t care much for timing. We ride for pleasure, we ride to boost camaraderie. Timing and speed are just consequences. Who knew a pandemic would lead me to meet some of the kindest and passionate people in Chennai city? #cycling #cyclinglife #scott #scottcycles #appreciationpost #cycle #cyclelikeagirl #cyclist #cyclegram #rideordie #cyclinggroup #chennaicycles #riding #ridingbikes #chennai #chennaicyclists
1 year ago
Independence Day Special - India Map Ride.. It started with a small idea from Ali Junior who plotted this route and had done this earlier. Around 40+ cyclists completed riding the India map covering the entire Outskirts of Chennai.. Here are some interesting info.. 1. We started the ride from West Bengal (Alanthur Metro) 2. It was a smooth ride till Gujarat since the route is completely straight line along coast 3. We had a well deserved tea break along borders of Gujarat coast 4. The challenge increased when we entered Punjab border and thereafter to Jammu, we had to stop in every corner to check if we are riding the correct route along the border villages 5. Jammu had lots of rough terrain in which sometimes we would have crossed the Pakistan border with no roads, luckily we didn't have any problems (punctures) 6. The interesting part of the ride was the border with Nepal in which we had to lift the cycle over railway crossing with no other roads to connect. 7. Since the last part of the ride was in north east, we were welcomed with traffic, heat and we had pitstops every 10km 8. It was a moment of pride when we completed the India map ride at West Bengal. All was well and Jai Hind.. Note 1 - please map all the state mentioned above to the Chennai area in the map for better understanding. Note 2 - Disclaimer - All states and countries mentioned above are just to make the reading interesting and has no actual reference to them .. #WCCG #ChennaiCyclists #IndiamapRide #JaiHind
2 years ago
Foodie me❤️✨ . The more I ride more I crave for food❤️ . #cyclistsofinstagram #chennaicyclists #chennaiblogger #nature #foodielove #maggie
5 months ago

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Cycling is definitely catching on !! Will the city infrastructure catch up? #Chennaicyclists #WetooSharetheRoad
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