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Something exciting has happened!! If you’ve been watching our stories you might have noticed that we have our first (4 month long, Jan-April) trip planned! Things have begun. Projects to get the interior of the bus ready for travel begin tomorrow, Wednesday Skulley visits a mechanic for a total check over and diagnostics and from there we’ll begin whatever repairs she may need to last our first journey, we finally paid for the full version of the @roadtrippers app and mapped out and dated every destination, joined @harvesthosts and picked which ones we’d request a stay at in between longer destination travels, and started hyping the kids up of course. Next is to snag an America the beautiful pass since we’ll be hitting a bunch of national parks and grab some roadside assistance package. My question to you all is this: AAA RV or coach net??
1 day ago
Sometimes it's not the prettiest photos that makes it but the memories we create. I snapped this photo 5 minutes ago and it was just so beautiful. We are parked right next to this lake and just had dinner. I'm sitting in the couch studying while Joel is doing the dishes with this view. So stunning. . . . . . #vanlifediaries #projectvanlife #vanlife #vanlifedistrict #vanlifedreams #vanlifers #vanlifeuk #camperlife #adventurewagon #vanlifeeurope #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlifeuk #vanlifespain #vanconversion #vanbuild #buslife #busconversion #travel #adventure #gltlove #sheisnotlost #vanlifers #livinginavan #vangoals #explore #hiker #granolagirl #cottagecore
2 days ago
Here's something you probably don't know about our build. Nearly every single item that will be going in the bus has been lovingly thrifted. And we probably already have about 90% of what will end up in the final build. Which is amazing, but it also makes me a little itchy because now that the flooring is in, literally all I want to do is frame our walls and start throwing it all in. Building, design and decorating. But we can't. At least not yet because the nitty gritty must be done before the weather shifts. So onwards and upwards, literally. Our focus is now shifting the the roof. We have to remove a flasher, install 2 Maxx fans, switch our bulbs, attach the feet of our luggage rack, build a rack for our solar panels, install our camera & light systems, waterproof, and mount our panels. Woof. But once that's done, oohhhhh buddy, the real fun begins!
4 days ago
Finally starting to add some color in our Bumpin Bus and it’s changed the whole vibe in here ! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this wall since it was so plain so I decided to paint this design on there to add some razzle dazzle. I plan to add shelves with some plants on that wall as well ! We have 5 more months until we start living in the bus but it’s already feeling super homey in here 🧡🐶🚌 Any recommendations for scenic places to stop at in West Virginia? We plan to travel through there next week and we’re trying to find a good spot to stay at 🏕
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11 days ago

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