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One of my favourite war games Company of Heroes is live on Kickstarter and what a start of the campaign it was🥳🥳 (Be sure to check the link in my stories) I love the first edition of Company of Heroes, first I bought core and some expansion but once I've played it I had to own it all. Now I did a presentation video on my YT channel for the upcoming Company of Heroes 2.0 Edition - from a fan to all fans. In the video, you will find my game presentation, what's new in the game, and what BCG has prepared for this KS campaign. Instead of adding tons of plastic and boxes publisher has listened to the community feedback and introduced changes that will make gameplay more dynamic. New rules, rebalanced units, and commander cards, reworked maps, and more. Company of Heroes was already one of my favorite war games, but with these changes, it's heading no. 1 spot just like that! Check it out here: https://bit.ly/WGNCompany or also you will find link in my stories!:) Woohoo🥳🥳 #companyofheroes #companyofheroesboardgame #boardgames #boardgamephotography #gryplanszowe #juegosdemesa #giochidatavolo #brettspiel #brettspiele #tabletop #wargaming #miniaturespainting #paintingminiatures #planszowki
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Pax Renaissance is a game with one of the best ratios of game length to depth I’ve ever played. This heavy, very strategic game can take 30-45 minutes at 2 players and is immensely satisfying. Manipulate trade routes, capture kings, or even bring on the Age of Enlightenment as you vie for various win conditions—remaining as flexible as you can in order to claim victory at just the right moment. Big, momentous swings provide excitement and there is a wealth of opportunity for clever play in this one. Every time I play feels like there’s still so much left to discover. What are some other games that play fast but offer deeply rewarding gameplay? ⏪ I think the production from @iongamedesign is just beautiful. Swipe to see more! ⏪
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What is your go-to lightweight game? Have you played Barenpark or its expansion? In Barenpark, as a tile-laying game, players build bear parks. You start the game with a single tile and get more tiles by covering icons in your park area. Most tiles score points; the earlier you get a tile of a certain type, the more you score. So you have to see which tile you can fit on your board while competing for the high-scoring ones. Each park area has a single space that cannot be covered until the rest of the area is completed. And then you place a bear statue on top of that space. Bear statues also decrease in points over time. The game continues until someone completes four park areas. Park areas can be added to your park by covering an icon on each existing area. The base game also comes with a module called achievements which adds more depth and player interaction to the game. Now other than competing for high-scoring tiles and statues, you are also trying to beat your opponents to specific achievements. Barenpark also has an expansion: The Bad News Bears. This expansion adds two new modules to the game. The first is Grizzly Bears which are a new type of tile. The price for a grizzly tile is discarding two other tiles. They are oddly shaped but cover more spaces and score more points than other tiles. The second module is Monorails, my favourite addition to the game. With certain conditions, you can place towers, connect every two with monorails, and score points. As you can probably guess, the earlier you get these monorails, the more you score. The expansion adds another layer of decision-making to how you choose and place tiles. It also requires you to plan ahead for grizzly bears and monorail towers. Overall, Barenpark is lightweight, fast-paced and a lot of fun. And the rules are straightforward and can be explained in a few minutes. If you like tile-laying games, there is a good chance you will enjoy Barenpark. And if using more brainpower is your thing, the expansion is an excellent addition to the game. What are your thoughts? Do you like Barenpark? Thanks to @asmodee_canada for sending us a review copy of this game.
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🇩🇪 Da ich mich zurzeit nicht dazu durchringen kann neue Regeln zu lesen fiel der Pileofshamemonday diese Woche aus. Gespielt wurde natürlich trotzdem und zwar eine Runde Auf den Spuren von Marco Polo mit allen Erweiterungen. Schöner kann die Woche wohl kaum anfangen 🥰 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Since I can't get myself to read new rules at the moment, Pileofshamemonday was cancelled this week. Of course, it was still played this time a round the voyages of Marco Polo with all the expansions. The week can hardly start more beautifully🥰 #brettspiele #brettspiel #boardgames #boardgamegeek #bgg #bggcomnunity #boardgamesofinstagram #tabletop #tabletopgames #analoggames #boardgameaddict #thevoyagesofmarcopolo #aufdenspurenvonmarcopolo
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Game 2 // Merlin We play hundreds of new games each year all the while some of our favorites sit neglected on the shelf. We've decided to revisit every game in our collection (the good & the bad), see if our feelings have changed and how each holds up. This is going to take some time... Merlin from @queengames_us has always been one we enjoyed. You play as knights seeking (with the help of Merlin) to be the successor to King Arthur's thrown. The beautiful board is essentially a giant rondel where you move by playing dice. It's a weird combination... each turn you only have so many actions you can do, but subsequently, there are so many wonderful choices: Fend off barbarians, build your manor, grown your influence and more! Highlights & Lowlights: + This is a colorful, fun, think-y experience. My wife and I both mentioned we would probably play this all the time if our collection wasn't so big. + I LOVE the rondel, the use of dice, planning and decisions. Lots of paths to follow and different ways to victory. + The theme really helps bring this to life with so many different mini adventures. + Relearning this one was relatively painless and once you have the rules down, this one plays very smooth. - Setup and tear down can be a challenge. I highly recommend an insert or a careful, systematic way to store the components. - Limited player interaction and the game is pricey. Final Consensus: Along with the rich theme and engaging gameplay... I can't figure out why more people don't love Merlin. This feels like a modern classic. The choices are really fun and planning your turn is both challenging and exciting. Interaction is fairly low, but there are some neat ways to deny your opponent. 💬 Have you had the chance to play Merlin? Thoughts on the expansion? #boardgames #boardgame #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamegeek #bgg #bggcommunity #boardgamephotography #tabletopgames #tabletopgame #tabletopgaming #tabletopgamesofinstagram #brettspiel #brettspiele #brettspieler #eurogame #eurogames #gameaddict #boardgameaddicts #Playingallourgames #kingarthur #familygame #familygamenight
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EN. 🏰 Carcassonne 20th Anniversary Edition Classic of classics, a king among boardgames. Simple at core yet with a dynamic complexity that allows it to be casually played with children or as competitive for international tournaments; Carcassone is a must-have in any collection. The 20th anniversary edition comes with 3 mini expansions: The Abbot, The River and exclusive tiles. It is beautiful everywhere you look at it: the box comes in royalty-style colors and decorations; the rules printed in texturized paper gives the feeling of antique paper; 108 stickers to customize meeples; and the spot UV prints on the box, the scoreboard and each single tile, gives them an amazing texture and finish. Also, on every tile, there are elements that makes reference to this edition, an expansion or version of Carcassonne; a great way to homage 20 years of the game. ¿Wich ones do you recognize? ---- ES. 🏰 Carcassonne Edición de 20 Aniversario Clásico de clásicos, un rey entre los juegos de mesa. Sencillo en su esencia pero con una complejidad dinámica que permite jugarlo de forma casual con niños o hasta de forma competitiva en torneos internacionales; Carcassone no puede faltar en tu ludoteca. La edición del 20º aniversario viene con 3 mini expansiones: El Abad, El Río y losetas exclusivas. Es hermoso por donde lo mires: la caja viene con colores y decoraciones dignos de la realeza; las reglas impresas en papel texturizado dan la sensación de papel antiguo; 108 stickers para personalizar meeples; y las impresiones spot UV en la caja, el tablero de puntos y cada una de las losetas, les dan una textura y acabado increíbles. Además, en cada loseta hay elementos que hacen referencia a esta edición, a una expansión o a una versión de Carcassonne; una gran forma de hacer homenaje a 20 años del juego. ¿Cuáles reconoces? #carcassonne #boardgames #juegosdemesa #brettspiel #jeudesociete #meeples
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🇮🇹🇮🇹 🌱 Abbiamo provato Cellulose, edito da @gotgeniusgames , il gioco che ricrea, sul nostro tavolo, l'attività di una... CELLULA VEGETALE. ☀️ Si tratta di un piazzamento lavoratori a turni nel quale le azioni hanno lo scopo di accumulare e convertire risorse. Tali risorse potranno essere impiegate per giocare carte, far crescere il germoglio e la radice della nostra pianta e completare la parete cellulare. 🎴 La componente che guida maggiormente il gioco è costituita dalle carte che permetteranno di costruirci un efficace motore di rendite, ottenere punti a fine partita e incrementare il numero delle azioni a nostra disposizione. Quindi attenzione a non restare mai a mani vuote perchè potreste non sapere quale azione eseguire. 🧪 Ben realizzata la parte tematica e il relativo studio effettuato per trasporre meccanismi reali della cellula in azioni e risorse da impiegare nel gioco. 💧 In conclusione si tratta di un peso medio in cui c'è un buon livello di interazione per sottrarre agli avversari le azioni e le carte più redditizie. La sua profondità, nonostante la grafica che strizza l'occhio ad un pubblico family, potrebbe rendere la spiegazione un ostacolo per i neofiti ma consigliamo di iniziare e apprendere con la pratica. Suggerito anche per giocatori più ferrati ma non schizzinosi per una serata più leggera. . . . . . #castellanagrotte #boardgames #boardgamer #boardgamegeek #bgg #boardgameaddict #games #gamer #geek #gamenight #giochidatavolo #tanadeigoblin #tdgbari #tabletop #tabletopgames #boardgamesofinstagram #brettspiel #gamersofinstagram #boardgamephotography #tileplacement #cardgames #unboxing #cellulose #celluloseboardgame
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First game in two players at #brazilimperialboardgame We like so much this gameboard, even if it is funnier with more players at the table 😎 #gameboard #boardgamesofinstagram #gamers #gdt #giochidatavolo #juegodemesa #brettspiel #spiel #spieltag #jeuxdesociétés #instagaming #instagame #brazil #bgg #bggcommunity #29062022
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[Teasing ludique] Désigné pour sortir à découvert en quête d'un remède, vous devez sauver votre communauté. . Je vous en dis un peu plus très bientôt ! . . . #bgg #boardgaming #boardgames #boardgame #boardgamegeek #photography #jds #jdsday #j2s #j2sday #juegosdemesa #brettspiel #boardgamephotography #picoftheday #picofinstagram #iloveboardgames #play #games #boardgameaddict #boardgameshots #artist #artistic
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🕵️‍♂️ Mortum – Agenten des dunklen Zeitalters 🕵️‍♂️ ! Frei von Spoilern ! 🎲 Deduktionsspiel 🎮 1-6 Spieler (14+Jahre) ⏱ 100-180 Minuten 🕵 Sergey Minevich 🏠 Spieleschmiede 📘 Das Heulen des Windes. Die Welt in Schwarz getränkt. Die Peitschenschläge des Regens am Fenster. Eine Kerze, die den Raum erhellt. Schweiß, der in der Nase brennt. Drei Agenten starren die Karte an. Waffen thronen gelehnt an der Wand. Blutrot. Der Funken Wissendurst im Herzen. ❗ Im Deduktionsspiel Mortum stellen Spieler Agenten einer Geheimorganisation dar, welche versucht, Fälle in der Welt Mortums aufzuklären. In drei verschiedenen Szenarien reisen die Spieler zu Orten, um diese zu erkunden, Menschen auszuhorchen und Geheimnisse aufzudecken. Dabei werden Informationen zu Umgebungen, Menschen und Gegenständen mittels Kartentexten den Spielern nach und nach zur Verfügung gestellt. Von den Entscheidungen der Spieler hängt es ab, wie sich ihr Abenteuer gestaltet. Die Spieler müssen folglich weise wählen, welche Aktionen sie durchführen, um in einer begrenzten Zeit das Mysterium jedes Szenarios aufzudecken. 🕵️‍♂️ Was lange wärt, wärt gut! Denn nach dem ersten Fall hatte ich noch eine ganz andere Meinung zum Spiel. Dadurch dass das Spiel keine richtige Anleitung zur Verfügung stellt, werden die Spieler ins kalte Wasser geworfen. Wir haben im ersten Fall daher viele Fehler gemacht, die auch zum Scheitern des Szenarios geführt haben. Dies hat mir persönlich eine Schelle gegeben und ich habe das Spiel zunächst beiseitegelegt. Doch nach etwas Abkühlungszeit habe ich einen zweiten Angang gewagt und bin in die Geschichte des Spiels versunken. Man wird in die Welt von Mortum richtig eingesogen und ist stark investiert, was die Aufdeckung der Geheimnisse angeht. Man muss im Spiel seine limitierten Aktionen abwägen, um an die Lösung der Fälle zu kommen. Dies führt zu vielen interessanten Diskussionen in der Gruppe oder bei Solospielern mit sich selbst. Ich gebe dem Spiel daher schlussendlich einen Daumen rauf mit dem Hinweis auf eventuelle Startschwierigkeiten! 😂 🥕 7.5/10 Möhren (persönliche Meinung) [keine Werbung/selbst gekauft]
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