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The harbour of Seville? The Pirate Republic, from @greenfeetgames , is one of the only games that can actually stand up to its Mage Knight comparisons - and it’s a game I’m always looking to play more of. The news of an incoming updated edition and expansion has me very excited to see what designer, Tom Butler, has in store for us next. #boardgames #boardgamesofinstagram #gamenight #sologaming #boardgamegeek #sologamer #gaminglife #deckof51 #bgg #boardgamestuff #spiel #boardgamersofinstagram #boardgamephotos #game #tabletopgaming #boardgameaddict #tabletopgamer #geek #games #gamer #solo
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Had a great time playing another Reiner Knizia gem - Orongo! Our buddy Larus here played a masterful game bleeding us dry by way of manipulation of this game’s very tight closed economy mechanism! #hiddengems #hiddengemspodcast #hiddengemsgames #boardgames #boardgame #boardgamer #tabletopgame #tabletopgames #boardgamesofinstagram #analoggames #games #bgg #boardgamegeek #bggcommunity #gamer #cardgames #boardgameaddict #podcastersofinstagram #podcast #spotify #applepodcast #cultoftheclassic
3 days ago
Hello hello! It’s me again and here I am joining in on my favorite day of the week #mechanismsmonday with one of my favorite mechanisms! Today we’re looking into Legacy Games as chosen by @getintogames . I picked Pandemic Legacy with a picture of the original game. 1. I don’t want to spoil anything, 2. I don’t have my copy at home as it is at my friends house where we last played it. Pandemic is the game that got us into the hobby. We just started Legacy season 1 this year (after having it on the shelf for 2 years next to season 2..) and even though it led to some discussions at our table, it’s one of the coolest games I’ve played. This game keeps surprising you and is just fantastic. Next week @wingspangirl picked solo games. So grab your favorite and join us as we’re turning Monday into Funday! #boardgames #boardgameaddict #boardgaymer #boardgamecommunity #boardgamegeek #iloveboardgames #boardgamelife #photooftheday #boardgamecollection #bordspellen #brettspiele #jeuxdesociete #juegosdemesa #mechanismsmonday #boardgamenight #tabletopgames #dice #pandemic #imstillhere #boardgamephotocreative
4 days ago
🇺🇸🇬🇧Tonight we played The Great Wall by @awakenrealmsgames @awaken.realms I really enjoy this game in full competitive mode. It’s tense, it’s exciting and so tactical. The turn mechanism is super cool and it’s just great to try to get as much honour out of what’d happening on the board. Tonight though, we tried the game in full co-op and while I personally like the competitive mode more, I really enjoyed playing this co-op as well. The choices were meaningful and it felt as if we all needed to contribute and play right to win this. If you like co-op games then there’s a solid one hidden beneath the amazing competitive game as well. 🇳🇱🇧🇪Vanavond speelden we Great Wall van Awaken Realms. Ik was al een grote fan van de competitieve speelmodus. Het is spannend, opwindend en heel tactisch. Het mechanisme voor de speler-orde is gewoon heel cool en het voelt gewoon fantastisch aan om samen de hordes tegen te houden maar toch net dat beetje meer “honour” er uit te sleuren dan je tegenspelers. Vanavond speelden we echter de full co-op modus en deze was verrassend goed. De keuzes waren betekenisvol en het voelde echt spannend aan waarbij elke actie juist moest zijn om het te halen. Als je houdt van co-operatieve spellen, dan is er onder het competitieve laagje van The Great Wall ook een heel sterk co-op spel terug te vinden. #boardgame #boardgames #boardgameaddict #boardgamegeek #boardgamenight #boardgamenights #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamesaddict #boardgameassholes #boardgamelife #gezelschapspellen #gezelschapspel #jeuxdesociété #brettspiel #awakenrealms #awakenrealmsgames #thegreatwallboardgame #thegreatwall
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Sagrada is not my favourite game to play but I'm always willing if someone else suggests it. This game I choose a level 6 board and manged to fill it without using any of my markers which was pretty satisfying. Unfortunately I lost due to others not hate drafting another player.
3 days ago

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🇳🇱: Sinds tijden weer eens #DiceHospital van @alleycatgames uit de kast gepakt, ik vind dit een geweldig spel. Ik pak het wat minder vaak omdat sinds de uitbreiding Community Care de doos (alles past in de basis doos als je niet de 3D helikopter en ambulances mee telt) erg vol zit en er intimiderend uit ziet. Een beetje het effect “tussen de bomen het bos niet meer zien” zeg maar. Ik ben er dus echt even voor gaan zitten en met een spel uitleg op YouTube (van Slickdrips, erg duidelijk!) had ik al snel de Maternity en Automa uitbreidingen onder de knie. Maternity voegt babies en moeders toe en dat is gewoon schattig, maar ook een extra moeilijkheid in het spel. De Automa werkt echt super goed en je hoeft weinig extra handelingen voor de Automa te doen. Min punt je kunt geen Maternity niet spelen in combinatie met de Automa en daar had ik zo op gehoopt. Er zitten nog twee uitbreidingen in Community Care, City & Investment deze moet ik nog steeds ontdekken… maar ja al die onderdelen…. 😬 🇬🇧: I've been taking #DiceHospital from @alleycatgames of the shelves sinds a long time, I think this is a great game. I play it a little less often because since the Community Care expansion the box (everything fits in the base box if you don't count the 3D helicopter and ambulances) is very full and looks intimidating. So I sat down and with a game explanation on YouTube (from Slickdrips, very clear!) I quickly learned the Maternity and Automa extensions. Maternity adds babies and mothers which is just cute, but also an extra difficulty in the game. The Automa works really well and you don't have to do a lot of extra actions for the Automa. Downside you can't play Maternity in combination with the Automa and that's what I had hoped for. There are two more expansions in Community Care, City & Investment I still have to discover these… but well all those parts…. 😬 #bordspel #boardgame #kaartspel #cardgame #dicegame #dobbelspel #spelplezier #boardgamesoninstagram #boardgameaddict #boardgamefan #spelletjesavond #gamenight #boardgamephoto #sologames #hospital #staysafe #hospitalgames #maternityward #baby
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Had to procrastinate over packing and cleaning in true nerd style this arvo by extending the last #EveryGamersGuild meeting for the year! I hate saying goodbyes but this was a pretty good sendoff 🤓 1. This looks pretty cones of dunshire-esque but was actually one of my favourites of the day/month/year(?!) - #TaluvaDeluxe is an abstract strategy game that reminds me of a wilder Santorini (possibly due to more players). Note that I own but haven’t played Santorini! The chonky triple hex tiles and delightfully hefty wood components were very satisfying to play with. 2. Unfortunately I didn’t take a more exciting shot of OG #GlenMore (not Glen More II), but this was a neat tile laying and resource wrangling game that I wouldn’t mind another shot at. I’d like to see how it compares to Glen More II, if this is the foundation. 3. #Roam is my first go of a Ryan Laukat game (albeit a smaller one), and is actually something I was looking at picking up before I tried to start a play-then-buy policy. It’s a beautifully illustrated and presented spatial puzzle based game that plays quite smoothly and quickly (relatively speaking 🤓) so of course it’s right up my bracket and I’ll definitely look for a copy! 4. #LostRuinsOfArnak got a heap of hype from various corners of board game media, but I was particularly curious about how it would go as a solo game. It’s another one that looks great on the table, and after a bit of a teach it did seem to have a good amount of meat to its bones. This is definitely one I’d like to play again, but might be intimidating to try and teach. Shoutout again and always to the peeps who do the often thankless task of instructing the likes of me with these alleged sources of fun 😬 5. Totes surprised by a card from one of the core gamers! Sadly due to covid I really couldn’t make the most of my membership in terms of club meetings, but it’s heartening to have been able to game at peoples houses and in small groups whenever possible. I’ll miss this rando nerdiness outlet, but I also don’t doubt that I’ll find something similar in melbs (even if I have to start it myself)! #boardGameGeek #EGG #newcastle #boardgames #boardGameAddict
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Throw a die, it shows a colour, you get to fill your board with that coloured tokens. On the box it says only "A colourful die game". . Easy and simple with the excitement of getting or not getting the needed colour. A good way to pass time with your kid and teaching them how the luck can sometimes be against you. Mostly it has been against me, though. 😁 . #playingwithkids #fathersontime #ilovemyson #boardgame #boardgames #boardgamer #boardgamersofinstagram #boardgamephotos #boardgamecollection #boardgameaddict #boardgamegeek #bgg #tabletopgames #tabletopgamers #tabletop #lautapelit #lautapeli #lautapelaaja #keltainennappula #theyellowmeeple
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