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Hey y’all ! Sunday is Wyatts 5th birthday!!! Can’t believe how fast the years fly by. Today’s #fivedollarfriday is in honor of his of the little man who our rescue is named after. Can you you spare a little to help feed and provide care for all his furry and featured siblings ?!? Link in bio to donate. Ps. Seriously Wyatts, stop growing !!! #adventuresofwyatt #dadsofinstagram #twodadfamily #birthdayfundraiser #wyatts2ndchanceranch #animals
8 months ago
Thank you everyone for the support on my birthday fundraiser 🎉 I cut off 2 feet of hair and it is sent to 360 Hair in Langley to transform into wigs for cancer patients under 19 years old. The total money raised is $1,184.75 and is all given to the @furbearers so they can continue fighting for animal rights and coexistence with wildlife. This has been a great journey and I'm super happy with the results. Starting 25 feeling confident and free 👩‍🦲 . #Fundraiser #Birthday #BirthdayFundraiser #FurBearers #MakeFurHistory #HairDonation #Bald #BaldWomen #AnimalRights #ShavingHead #BeforeAfter
2 years ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Beyond my wildest imagination to receive this many donations. My heart is full 💖 This money will be going to @still_aware to help educate expectant women on the importance of monitoring movement. And training clinicians on how to communicate better with women so they understand the risks. There is still time to donate. Every dollar counts! I appreciate every one of you who has supported me in this fundraiser, honouring Elke and helping me turn 40. Link is in bio 👆🏻 if you would like to go to the page to donate, or just to see all of the epic humans who have donated to this cause 🥰 Lots of love and gratitude to you all 🙏🏼
11 months ago
I am a happy birthday girl. Serendipitously, we raised a total of $720 (7/20 - July 20) for @beabridgebuilder through my bday livestream concert. 💗🙌 Thank you to all who attended and donated! I am so grateful for the love and support.
1 year ago
Enjoying a special kind of birthday bliss today—the kind that comes with being fully comfortable with who I am, knowing what I want & never settling for less. I guess that’s 32. Here’s to celebrating another year of life, learning & growth. 🥳🦋 • • • As in years past, I am requesting a contribution (any size is appreciated!) in honor of my birthday to Room to Read, so that we may continue our mission to provide equal access to education to children (especially girls) in developing regions around the globe. Those who know me well know that I firmly believe that the path toward a better, more productive world is through education. I’m committed to helping make that happen for every child, & your support—especially today—would mean so much. Here is the URL to my fundraiser: give.roomtoread.org/payalsfundraiser (link also in bio). Thank you in advance for your support & wishes. 🙏🏽 . . . #Birthday #MyBirthday #BirthdayGirl #BirthdayBliss #BirthdayWish #BirthdayWishes #BirthdayLove #JuneBirthday #SummerBirthday #June #Summer #Summetime #SummertimeChi #CancerSeason #Cancer #Season #BirthdayFundraiser #Fundraiser #Donation #Donate #Support #Cause #Charity #Philanthropy #Giving #Education #Lake #LakeMichigan #Chicago #NavyPier
1 year ago
Y’all did me right and helped me get to my goal of $1000 for @justicememorials in under 24 hours. Wow. I am so heartwarmed to start them late thirties knowing there’s people who will support my wishes for the world. While I have reached the goal I had, you are welcome to keep giving toward the memorial till sept 2 and i will send the money raised to them. So if you are able continue to pledge, donate and share about @justicememorials . . While we have a long way to go towards ending ongoing police violence and abolition, this memorial is the last remaining piece of the reparations for torture survivors and y’all are helping build this. This is truly a community led effort. Thank you for contributing towards this effort. . . PC: @thejammms from 2019 when we went to the Grand Canyon. I felt pretty free and in awe of nature in this moment. Sigh . #birthdayFundraiser #ReparationsWon
1 month ago

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Happiest of Birthdays to our fearless leader and top taco head in charge—Marsha Williamson! 🎉🌮🎈 Marsha even created a @facebook fundraiser for her birthday that raised over $1,200 for us yesterday! Thanks to all her friends and family that showed up along with our staff for the celebratory taco party! We appreciate @fajitapetes & @nothingbundtcakes for all the deliciousness they brought too! 🌶🎂 #dallas24hourclub #dallasgivesback #dallascharity #addictionrecovery #recoveryispossible #happybirthday #birthdayfundraiser #tacoheads #celebrate
2 hours ago
My 30th birthday fundraiser for Marie Curie UK in memory of my Nanny is still accepting donations for another few days until Thursday evening. You can donate here at https://www.facebook.com/donate/4130603250401965/?fundraiser_source=external_url Or alternatively you can donate via the Marie Curie UK homepage at https://www.mariecurie.org.uk/ #30th #30thbirthday #30birthdayfundraiser #fundraiser #birthdayfundraiser #running #run #mariecurie #mariecurieuk #nanny #grandmother #badge #neckbeard #bereavementcounselling #griefcounseling #endoflifecare #goals
6 hours ago
Reposted from @dozersheartrescue Before I go on my rant...it's $2 Tuesday!! Yesterday we got in $10.96 towards the birthday fundraiser for the kiddos. That's a box of canned food and some treats!! Thank you!! .. I have never been one that complains about what other ppl have. I am very happy with what I have...I have my house, power and heat, food, transportation, and the kiddos. What irritates me is other things. I was sitting at home last night figuring out how to get the kiddos food and get the ones to the vet that need to go and I get a message from a neighbor. Her one cat that escaped had been found and taken back inside but two others escaped. Then she tells me about a hurt one. I wish I would have known about the hurt one earlier in the day...I could have kept an eye out thru the day. I don't mind helping...I really don't. What irritates me is the amount of times her kitties get out or they see a hurt one or their are babies under the house...they already know I will crawl under their to get them. I fight every day to make sure the kiddos have everything they need. If I am low on food for them and don't know where the next bag is coming from it upsets me...I am up all night and normally crying because they come first. Everything I do I do for them. They have been the forgotten, the abandoned, and the unloved...never again thou. Yes I will try and trap the injured kiddo, yes I will try and help...but there may come a day that I can't help. I have a really hard time saying no to a kiddo that needs help and it kills me to know that one day I won't be able to help...and in my area there are alot that need help. Sorry for the rant it's just been a very long couple of weeks. .. If you would like to help the kiddos for the birthday fundraiser please visit our linktree...just put fundraiser in the comments. Thank you!! .. .. #2dollartuesday #helpingtheforgotten #birthdayfundraiser #cats #kittens #coicommunity #catsinneed #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #rescueneverstops #lovingtheforgotten #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #fosteringsaveslives #rescueismyfavoritebreed #savingtheforgotten #dozersheartrescue
8 hours ago
QR code for the fundraiser mentioned in my recent IGTV post. #cancersucks #americancancersociety #birthdayfundraiser
12 hours ago
By the grace of God, our Founder and CEO has persevered through quadriplegia, cancer, chronic pain, and coronavirus! With the gift of another milestone birthday in a few weeks, Joni is celebrating God’s faithfulness in a big way! She’s squeezing out every last ounce of energy to share the gospel—to give hope and hands-on help to people suffering through isolation and despair because of disability. Luke 14:21-23 calls us to “Go out quickly...and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame… so that my house will be full.” Will you honor Joni by giving a gift that will reach more people with the love and hope of Jesus through Joni and Friends? Donate at joniandfriends.org/birthday or by following the link in our bio, swiping right and tap “Joni’s Birthday Fundraiser.” … #JoniEarecksonTada #TheGospel #Gospel #Evangelism #Disability #Birthday #BirthdayFundraiser
1 day ago
Reposted from @dozersheartrescue It's 7 days until Mama's birthday and I would like to do a fundraiser for the kiddos. Every time someone asks what I want for my birthday I normally tell them help for the kiddos and this year is no different. The only difference this year is we have had way more medical/special kiddos come thru the door. We have had some huge losses this year... Shim and Wally to just name a couple and some we haven't posted about. It's been a tough year for all of us. Between covid and crazy ppl it's been a weird year. Mama's goal for the kiddos is to raise at least $100 a day until her birthday...that would put at least $700 into the kiddos funds. That would give them a good start for the winter. Later this week I will also be posting some more pics of resin memory charms I have been working on. These ones are bigger so it takes longer for them to completely dry. If you would like to help for the birthday fundraiser please visit our linktree...just put birthday in the comments. Thank you!! .. .. #helpingtheforgotten #birthdaywishes #birthdayfundraiser #cats #kittens #coicommunity #catsinneed #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #rescueneverstops #lovingtheforgotten #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #fosteringsaveslives #rescueismyfavoritebreed #savingtheforgotten #dozersheartrescue
1 day ago