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Mitt största stöd under behandling ❤️ så duktig tjej idag. Jag försov mig/orkade inte ta mig upp i tid så blev lite stressig morgon, men var inga problem på avdelningen 🥰 Kila kom snabbt till ro när de satte nålen direkt, sköterskan sa att hon längtat hela veckan efter vårt besök 🙈 då blir man varm i hjärtat ❤️ var svårare idag att dricka, ska få i mig 2L vätska så blev en timmes extra dropp. Men inte så farligt illamående tack och lov. Blir tidig kväll nu för oss, tror vi båda är rätt slut 🤠👋🏻 • • #flatcoatedretriever #flattieoftheday #retriever #retrieverlove #bestie #workingretriever #puppylove #retrieveraddiction #dogfriends #servicedog #dogmom #swedishpets #happydog #bestfriend #assistanshund #workingdog #chemotherapy #servicedoglife #lupusawareness #ilovemydog #crazydogmom #dogtraining #love #doghike #servicehund #hospital
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BESTIE 🤍 Your favourite person. Someone who makes the good times better and the hard times easier. A person you can trust with anything and who holds a special place in your heart. *Anzeige #bestie #bestfriends #freundinnen #friendshipgoals #düsseldorf
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Avicii with Diamante Blackmon aka Carnage. "It was Friday, April 20th, 2018…I was home in Vegas when my boy Panda woke me up and said we needed to rush to the airport or we would miss our flight to Miami. I scrambled to get ready, threw my stuff together, and hopped into an Uber. As we approached LAS my phone just started going crazy. 1 message. 20 messages. 100 messages. 300 messages. None of it was making sense to me…“Avicii is dead.” “OMG TIM.” “I’m sorry for your loss.” I could not comprehend what I was reading. First person I called was Martin (Garrix) because to both of us he was one of our idols. Me and Martin stared at each other silently in disbelief. I just spoke to Tim a few weeks before – he was one of my closest friends. We sort of came up together and went through a lot of similar experiences on the road. I was running through the airport trying to catch my flight to play STORY Miami that night and trying to make sense of everything. I was in shock the entire plane ride sitting their motionless for hours…. And not even 12 hours after Tim’s death there I was playing STORY – drinking, partying again until 4am. Not because I wanted to but because it was my job. Like there I was performing in front of a huge crowd surrounded by all my Miami friends what was I supposed to do? One of my closest friends just died that day and my job was to go to the club and turn up with my fans? Like what?? Everyone thinks it’s all so glamorous, but the stress of touring, the partying, the sleepless nights, the craziness, the unhealthy eating – I needed to slow it all down and really focus my life and career. I had money, gold records, was headlining festivals, but I was not as happy as I should have been. It is not easy to share, but I desperately needed a reset. This time for real I told my agent and manager — let’s finish up what we have the next few weeks and then I’m really slowing down and working on ME – not Carnage, but Diamante Anthony Blackmon." . @avicii @carnage #bestie #bestfriends #avicii #aviciimusic #djavicii #djcarnage #martingarrix
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