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🏁 Featured Classic: 1965 ASA 1000 GT “La Ferrarina” by @cristianoluzzago #happymotoring ➡️ Cristiano Luzzago is offering this exceptional and rare 1965 ASA 1000 GT “ La Ferrarina”. The car has been totally restored to the best level, registered in the Netherlands, previously swiss. Complete of all the original details, Comprehensive history files and documentation. _______________________________ Join our community ✔️ @collectorscarworld #cristianoluzzago #asa #asacar #laferrarina #bertone #bertonedesign #sharethepassion #drivetastefully #collectorscarworld #cl #asa1000gt #asa1000 #cl _theblueroom #carlovers #carcollector #italianbeauty #italiandesign #italy #rarecars #autodepoca #1965 #1965car #ferrarina #collectorscarworld
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Dietro alla nascita dell’ASA 1000 GT Spider si cela la figura carismatica ed estrosa di Oronzio De Nora, l'imprenditore barese diventato famoso per aver brevettato l’Amuchina. La sua grande passione per le automobili lo spinge ad avventurarsi nel settore, con l’intento di creare un proprio marchio e vetture di carattere. L’idea incomincia a prendere vita, tanto da diventare realtà, sia pur in maniera tortuosa, ma decisamente affascinante. Anche perché la nascita del primo modello, in un certo senso, vanta un legame speciale con uno dei marchi automobilistici più prestigiosi di sempre, la Ferrari. Rappresenta un ottimo candidato per il nostro premio Best In Classic nella categoria riservata alle auto classiche. #Ruoteclassiche #BestInClassic #ASA1000GTSpider #ASA1000GT #Spider #ASA #ASA1000 #Ferrarina #DisegnoBertone #Ruoteclassiche #Prize #Premio #PremioBestInClassic #ClassicCar #VintageCar #LovesRuoteclassiche #RCOnly #RC #Categoria #Category #AutoClassiche #AutoStoriche #ClassicCar
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There is an international classic car owners club with a mere 20 members across all 7 continents. You don’t need to be a multimillionaire to join either, just need to hunt down one of these: a ASA 1000 GT. Here’s the challenge: just over 100 were made. A development by Ferrari engineers as a less expensive alternative to Ferrari’s GT category, the project was eventually taken over by ASA, though Giotto Bizzarrini remained involved. And it’s nickname - ‘La Ferrarina’ or ‘baby Ferrari’ - is well earned as the ASA 1000 ticks quite a few boxes. Giugiaro design. Tubular chassis. Sunbeam gearbox. Four-wheel disc brakes. Nardi steering wheel. Jaeger instruments. Borrani wheels. Weber carbs. Normally, features like this are what you’ll commonly find on blue chip, heavily metal that can easily trade in the 7 figures but here they are. Unfortunately, without Ferrari’s badge the Ferrarina never caught on, which explains its increasing rarity, but its place in history as it almost became the ‘entry level’ Ferrari in its day is quite cool. Full story + gallery live on Petrolicious.com • 📷: @marcoannunziatadotcom
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Today’s car is a 1966 ASA (Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni) 1000 GT. It originated around 1959 as an experimental project. Enzo Ferrari’s wanted to create a less expensive, compact alternative to existing Ferrari GT cars. Nicknamed “Ferrarina”, meaning “little Ferrari”, it was produced from 1964 through 1967 but, not by Ferrari. Enzo entrusted production to a close friend, Oronzio de Nora. The car was manufactured in Milan by a newly formed company called ASA owned by the De Nora Electrochemical Group. I saw this car at the French / Italian car show at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA on November 7th, 2021. It is owned by Rafael Dinner who acquired it from his farther Arnold. Arnold was the original owner, as listed in the ASA owners register. Arnold fell in love with the ASA 1000 GT at the Chicago Auto Show where Luigi Chinetti had imported 32 coupes. Arnold decided to purchase this one direct from the factory in Milan. He drove it to the port of Seville and had it shipped to Chicago. He kept the car there until 2015 at which point he transferred the car to Rafael. This car is nearly all original including the paint. It is finished in Grey / Blue with a Dark Blue interior It is powered by a 1.3 Liter, inline 4 cylinder engine with 2 2bbl Weber DOCE 9 carburetors, producing 91 hp and transferring that power through a 4-speed manual transmission with overdrive only in 3rd and 4th gears. Delivering that power to the Borrani wheels through 4.56 to 1 rear end. Helping slow this baby down are 4 wheel disc brakes. The car is equipped with double wishbone front suspension and a live axle at the rear. Both the front and rear of the car were equipped with coil springs , shock absorbers, and anti-roll bars. To see more facts and photo's of this rare 1966 ASA 1000 GT. To check out the 300 other cars go to my web site frankscarsinthehood dot com or the link in my bio. Thanks for riding along. Frank #asa1000 #asa1000gt #asa1000coupe #asa1000gtc #enzoferrari #ferrari #laferrarina #frenchitaliancarshow @sos.seenonstreets
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Collaboration with @shuta.bug for his unique 1/1 nft project ASA1000 on @opensea Link in his bio #niyiokeowo #nft #opensea #shutabug #asa1000
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