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| NATURAL BRIDGE (Werbung one Auftrag) Auf dem Weg zum Emerald Lake, den ich vergangene Woche ja gepostet habe, stoppten wir noch rasch bei der Natural Bridge, die nur ein paar Kilometer unterhalb des Sees direkt an der Straße liegt. Dien Wassermassen die hier durch den fließen peitschen sind Wahnsinn. Die Felsformationen sind aber nicht weniger interessant. [ENGL] On our way to Emerald Lake we stopped on the road side attraction Natural Bridge, which is directly on the way to the famous lake. All that water rushing down those falls is amazing. But also the rock formations around the river shores are great. Nice thing to capture... [FACTS] Nikon Z6 with Tamron 17-35 f2.8-4 Di OSD 17mm ISO 100 f11 1/2sec Haida ND8 filter #canadianrockies #canadianmountains #travelgram #mountainlove #mountainlake #mountainphotography #mountainsunrise #alberta #albertacanada #explorealberta #travelalberta #banffnationalpark #banff #banffcanada #banffalberta #explorebanff #landschaftsfotografie #landscapephotography #landscape _photography #explorecanada #kanada #morainelake #lakemoraine #travelphotography #waterfallchasing #waterfallsfordays #waterfall #yohonationalpark @explorebanff @explorecanada @raw_canada @nikondach @tamron_deutschland
16 hours ago
absolutely unreal views in banff
1 day ago
Just two sisters admiring the Three Sisters 🗻
2 days ago
Don’t you think those snow on the pillars look like icecream? Hehe comment 🍦 if you see it too!
5 days ago
❄️ Winter: My new excuse for drinking more coffee & hot cocoa. They say spontaneity is the spice of life and this is one of them. What I love about exploring in the Canadian Rockies is that every place you visit there’s always beauty that awaits. We are not a huge fan of crowded places, we always take the road less travelled. And this is one of them. Even if I had to slide my bum to get this shot.😄 Enjoy your weekend guys! After being tied up at our desk, weekend is the best time to be free!
1 day ago
Last week’s mountain escape feat The Three Sisters.⁣ ⁣ 🏔⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣
2 days ago

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