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It’s finally Fidens Friday and it’s taking us into a much needed long weekend! We’re drinking Socratic Questioning #32 from Fidens Brewing. What are you drinking to kick off the weekend? @fidensbrewing #fidensfriday #fidens #fidensbrewing #nybeer #thinknydrinkny #ny #craftbeer #craftcans #drinklocal #DIPA #DoubleIPA #hazybeer #fridaybeer #craftbeercouple #mariokart #mario #drinkgoodbeer #fidensbrewingcompany #fidensbrewingco #socraticquestioning #518 #518beer #518craftbeer #albany #albanyny
2 days ago
“Oh mom, why do you have to take a picture of us at the piano?!” Because I want you to remember. I want you to be grateful for this moment that stretched you. That gave you an opportunity to work hard, to push through, and to succeed. Bree and Gabe were each asked to accompany one song each while the congregation sang at a big youth meeting yesterday at our church. They were terrified. They practiced hard. And they did it! Reason #32 why I believe is because organized religion exists. I know, I know, I have heard all the arguments against organized religion. But for me the pros so far outweigh the cons that I only have gratitude. Having a community of people I can serve and learn from has been an invaluable part of my conversion to Christ. Having a place to go each week to learn His word, remember Him, and take his holy sacrament has brought me to Him. If I want to be like Him I have to have experiences with service and sacrifice, like He did. But it has also been incredible for my children. I am seeing how organized religion gives my children experiences like yesterday to go out of their comfort zone. Chances to share a talent, to get to know and serve the elderly, to speak in front of groups, to lead, to be mentored by experienced leaders, and to be vulnerable about their feelings in front of others. All things that have proven to develop self-confidence and mental health, which is SO needed for this peer oriented generation. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And I have loved the many other churches I have visited with friends over the years. Praise God for the men and women he has inspired to bring together people to worship Him through organized religion. I am so grateful! 🙏🏼
6 days ago
💓A Birthday is a new beginning - A birthday is the first day of another lovely year💓 #32 #olderthanyesterday #mybirthday🎂 #cake #celebration #birthday #fun #happybirthdaytome #anothergoodyear #ilovemylife❤️ #makeawish #rosegold #pinkdecoration #pinkcoat #zaracoat #fashion # lovefashion
8 days ago
Obrigada por ontem! 🌟❤️ foram muitas mensagens lindas, muito carinho recebido! Essa semana começa um novo ciclo bem diferente, e eu tô muito empolgada! ❤️ #32
7 days ago
HAPPY 32 👸🏼! Wakker worden om 10u. Ontbijt op bed. Kroon op. Liefste kind naast me. Lekkere vent achter de camera. Beter kan ik m’n verjaardag niet beginnen. ♥️ #verjaardag #january #steenbok #32 #ontbijtopbed #kroonop moedervaneenzoon #bestdayever
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Catch this boy at his game n peep the cut HMBB#32
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This is #32 . Losing my brother has out a damper on life but for his sake we seek moments of happiness because that's what he wanted for us every second he was alive. ❤️❤️ #birthdayfestivities #red #everygirlneedsredlipstick
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Gps con self security hobbies motos te lo tiene en Palmira crr 22 #32-127 tel 3208685184 también servicio a domicilio
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New masks are LIVE! On @wazirxnft Collect them now to be a part the MASKERAID Community 😁 #31 Polygonal Mask - @abxxarts #32 Ethereal Mask - Yet to be sold #themaskeraid #art #collectibles
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