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めっちゃ前に本垢の方でリクエストきて描いたやつ🙏 メンションできないのは設定なのかな??🤔 それとなんとも言えない出来… 投稿するかやめるか悩んだけど一応させてもらいます🙇‍♀️ #模写  #模写イラスト #模写絵 #アナログイラスト  #アレンジ #練習  #コピック #色鉛筆  #插图 #illustrate #색연필 #드로잉 #일러스트 #anime #drawing #anime #アニメ #漫画 #鬼滅の刃 #炭治郎 #tanjiro #tanjiroukamado Kamado #demonslayer #竈門炭治郎 #毎日投稿  #ネイル
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イラストを描く Drawing characters from the anime "Haikyu!!" ハイキュー!! 🏐烏野バレー部の守護神 "西谷 夕"を描きました✏️ 鉛筆画 : HB, 2B #アニメ #ハイキュー #ハイキュー好きさんと繋がりたい #ハイキューイラスト #haikyu #西谷夕 #西谷夕イラスト #西谷夕推し #haikyuu #模写 #鉛筆画
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Kochou Wang 💚 Teria Wang 💚 ▪️Anime: Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet 王 胡蝶 - 王 手李亞 / 寄宿学校のジュリエット Lolis Qualification: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐+ 🌟6 of 6 Stars Kochou & Teria are so cute 😍💘😍 I love them so much! ▪️APPEARANCE: Kochou: Kochou has golden eyes and black hair in pigtails. She is wearing a black jacket over her Chinese dress with long black socks and yellow shoes. She wears a gold bell earring on her left ear. Teria: Teria has golden eyes and long black shoulder-length hair with Chinese double bun. Her chest is noticeably more well endowed than her sister's, and she gets teased for it occasionally. She wears a black jacket over her white Chinese dress with few differences from her sister's, having a shorter skirt length at above knee level and a cutout at the chest showing off her cleavage, along with white thigh high socks and pink shoes. ▪️PERSONALITY: Kochou: She is self-conscious of her body, as seen when she was jealous that Inuzuka favored her more well-endowed twin sister Teria Wang because of their different breast size. She is very playful with Inuzuka and seems to have feelings for him like her sister, though she supports the latter's endeavors. She also has an interest in his older brother Airu Inuzuka for his strength and calls him ‘A-chan’, to symbolize her fondness of him. Teria: Unlike her sister, who is louder and abrasive, Teria is quieter and shy. She seems to love mangas, as seen when she reads one in Inuzuka's room. She is weak to dogs but is determined to protect students no matter what as a Prefect. She is also extremely clumsy, troubling those around her. She has feelings for Romio but can't bring herself to admit them, even though her sister is fully aware of it. Even after finding out about his relationship with Persia, she still supports him. ▪️FACTS: Kochou: ▫️Ages 14-15 ▫️Heights 135 cm (4'5") ▫️Kochou Seiyuu: Rina Hidaka ▫️Teria Seiyuu: Yui Ogura ▪️Credits to their respective artists!
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