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I think I’ll go with #nocaption
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Statistics about COVID-19 in this video are shocking. I remember at the time of editing, we had to add those statistics at the very end right before the release because the numbers of cases kept increasing rapidly. Approximately, 370K cases and 16,000 deaths at that time. Today, there are in total 148 Million cases recorded around the world. Out of which, 3.12 Million people are pronounced dead. May Allah swt remove everyone’s worries and free this world of this pandemic. Ameen. 🤲🏻
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Just cause you asked.
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Long breaks in between classes got me like
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Wiladat E Shehzada E Ali Akbar ع Mubarak to all ❤️
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Back to the uni grind. Tbh, I miss having snacks throughout my online tutorial.🥲 #uni
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Alhumdulliah, First time reciting “Nara Ali Da” #jashan
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Safar E Imam Hussain ع #28rajab
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Indeed ❤️#naraalida
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Celebrating 13th Rajab literally fixes everything in your life. All of your worries go away.❤️ subhanallah! #imamali #naraalida
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