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I love this feeling! ⚽️😃
4.5m 70.6k
23 часов назад
Three more points! 🔝 Thankful to all my team mates who helped me reach my 1200th match. What a ride, but we’re not done yet! 🔥
7.4m 61.9k
1 день назад
Wining team 🤷🏽‍♂️😅💪🏽
3.7m 22.9k
2 дней назад
Funchal is the capital and tourist centre of Madeira. A vibrant city, full of tradition and history, that expands from the Atlantic shore to the green and imponent mountains. Can you imagine yourself exploring a city like this?
1.8m 13.5k
3 дней назад
Yes, to determination. Yes, to confidence. Yes, to being fearless. Head to @cr7cristianoronaldo and get my new fragrance. #NEWFRAGRANCE #CR7FEARLESS #CR7 #CR7FRAGRANCES
5.2m 53.4k
10 дней назад
Happy that we qualified 1st in our group and to have achieved 20 games unbeaten. Great Teamwork💪🏼 @alnassr 💛💙
5.5m 43.6k
12 дней назад
This is My Story. From Madeira to Saudi Arabia my CR7 Signature Museum now open in Riyadh. 🇸🇦💪🏽 #CR7SignatureMuseum #RiyadhSeason‬⁩ #BigTime
4.8m 43.0k
14 дней назад
Happy weekend everyone! 😁💙💛
10.1m 108k
15 дней назад
Apuramento histórico, 100% vitorioso! Parabéns Portugal💪🏽🇵🇹 #vesteabandeira
7.5m 36.3k
20 дней назад
9 vitórias seguidas! Seguimos focados!💪🏼🇵🇹 #vesteabandeira
7.0m 45.9k
23 дней назад
Sentimento de alegria sempre que regresso à nossa seleção! 🇵🇹❤️ #vesteabandeira
6.4m 40.7k
25 дней назад
Parabéns amor do pai. 🎂🎉❤️ 6 anos, Deus te abençoe sempre 🙏🏽
19.3m 144k
27 дней назад