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Though we may turn our roads to walk most closely with those who are tied deeply to our hearts, though we may intersect and collide and learn from others over the years, and though we may only ever know a few instances of complete, physical aloneness in our lifetimes, the truth is that our inner worlds are a place where there is only a voice of one. It is that voice narrating everything, and the essence of that narration dictates our experience. The level of its awareness determines not what we see, but how we see it. When we take time to adjust the way we perceive from that level, we actually change the moment we meet. We adjust what options we see, what we can create, what we are able to do. The idea that you might take your quiet hours to work on that self is not a throwaway option or a consolation prize for not being able to participate in external love the way you might want. It’s a lesson on ground zero of what it is to be human. You will wake up with yourself every day, and put yourself to sleep every night. You will be left with yourself when everyone around you goes to work and to school and grows up and moves on and once again, it is you and you. You will guide yourself through every heartache, every loss. You will also get to cherish every victory, every success, every resounding win. You are the undercurrent of your entire life experience, the most common denominator. The arena in which you have full and total control is that of yourself. You cannot control every passing thought or feeling that arises or experience that happens around you or to you, but you decide what you do, regardless of how you feel, or have been made to feel. And so that place becomes the most critical, the most potentially world-altering. It’s the only thing you can actually, fully assert your will upon and over, and so it is funny to consider that it’s the very same place that most people avoid. We spend eternity gazing outward and identifying all that’s wrong, but nothing too much changes, because there is little relief in realizing — perhaps my purpose is something far more difficult. Perhaps my offering must begin with me.
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The hard truth is that we are often softened, and deepened, by the moments life doesn’t turn out the way we anticipated, the way we hoped, the way we planned. The truth is that we learn more from what we do not receive than what we do. The truth is that the contrasts make us more whole than we were before. The heaviness sensitizes us in such a way that we come to comprehend the light. The valleys in our lives can either be a waiting room, a suffering, or a preparation period. We get to choose what we do with defeat. We get to decide whether or not what hurts will simply burden and then jade us, or if it will catalyze us — if we will alchemize a sometimes brutal reality into an appreciation of our temporary, stinging, gorgeous, fleeting, surreal, confusing, perfect, chaotic, ecstatic time alive. What ails us gives us a chance to better understand, and empathize, with what it really means to be human. And though none of us will ever meet a day in which the pain is dissolved forever, we can arrive at one where the ease arises more often. Where we channel what hurts into what heals. Where we become more of who we intend to be, and not less. Where we are not dissuaded by what has not gone our way, but inspired by the spirit inside us still fighting, still nudging, still pushing us to realize — there is so much more than this. There is so much more to see. 🤍
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It is the willingness to see loving yourself not as a matter of infatuation, but as caretaking, that will change your life. Seeing self-love not as eros, but something deeper than what’s on the surface, will tip the scales eternally in your favor. Because it is that love — the unconditional, practical, grounded kind — that does not just last, but roots, and makes you stronger than you were before. It is that kind of love that does not always give you what you want, but rather, supplies what you need. It tells the truth. It does not cater to your self-defeat, but reimagines your becoming, your way forward. It serves the sake of your future self, the person you most hope to be. This is the kind of love that can think long-term. The kind of love that knows what you need on the simplest and most fundamental level. Giving this to yourself requires the grace to endure the temporary discomfort in favor of the greater peace you foster by taking upon yourself your own real self-care. So rather than attempting to see yourself the way you’d want to imagine someone you are romantically in love with — as perfect, and beyond your own humanness — try to see yourself the way someone who actually loves you does. To take into consideration your goodness, and allow it to not erase the unseemly parts, but make them also worth loving, and holding, and seeing to the other side. This is your evergreen reminder that the greatest act of self-love is to no longer accept a life you do not like. And to remember that the pathway to that change — though inspired at the onset, is often more tedious, more unknown, and more challenging than most care to consider. However, there is nothing kinder you can do for yourself, or for your life, than to start organizing your feelings into what feels good and what does good, as opposed to just what feels good, or not. The very things that often bring us the greatest peace and wellness and stability long-term are uncomfortable at the start. We can only find what we are meant for, when we stop running from what we are not.
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When we are not writing the story of this chapter, we give our minds no choice but to continue re-reading the last. We do not let go by standing in the ruins, running our minds in circles trying to more deeply understand how the pieces came apart. We let go when we begin building a new life in its place. There is a time for sadness and at time to grieve. There is a time to feel and a time to reflect. A time to seek wisdom and a time to learn. … and there is a time to simply go on. And go on is what all of us will have to do, not just once, but at many points of our lives. Because the truth about loss is that it is not something that happens when we fail, but something that happens as we grow. It is as natural as the changing of seasons. It can be as effortless as an exhale, or as painstaking as a death to the selves we used to be. If we do not learn how to let go, we do not ever learn how to live. We did not come here to stand still. To hold within our hearts and heads the details of everything we have ever known and loved and wanted and felt and wondered about. We came here to experience, we came here to grow. We came here to learn that nothing presses us to release it unless something new is imminently waiting to arrive.
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I hope you allow your life to be bigger than you ever thought it could be. I hope you don’t get trapped by the small stories, the little ideas you had about what the future may be. I hope you don’t long for the things you’ve outgrown just because they’re familiar. I hope you don’t consider everything you lose to be a loss. I hope you don’t define yourself only by the limits of what you’ve known. I hope you do not cap your potential at what others have said is possible. Most of all, I hope you recognize the light when it hits you. I hope you let yourself do more than you ever thought you could. — from my book, ‘Ceremony’ The last slide is an excerpt from the commencement speech I gave last month, which is being turned into a book. I can’t wait to share it with you all. 🤍 Sending you all so much love, always and forever.
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A book you read this weekend can teach you something that changes your life for decades to come. A decision you make tomorrow can do the same. When you get better at relationships, your entire life becomes more connected. When you get better at managing your emotions, your entire life becomes more leveled-out. When you get better at managing your money, your entire life becomes more stable. When you get better at managing your reactions, things last. They last because you know how to take care of them — because you first learned to take care of you. You are the most constant relationship in your own life, you are the most constant presence in your own life, you are the most common denominator in every experience you have ever had, and will ever have. Investing in yourself is an evergreen task, the ripple effects of which are often greater than you can imagine. You have to decide how you want to be. What you are going to value, what is going to matter. You have to choose, and cultivate, the kind of person you are going to become, because a beautiful life rarely happens on accident. You are your own vessel, and the way you build it changes the way you experience everything — every last thing that will ever come your way. You have to decide which version of you is going to show up to the days you are dreaming about. Which version of you is going to meet the love of your life, which version of you will create your legacy project, which version of you will step on the flight or open the door to your future home for the very first time. And that work will not instantaneously click into place just because you have arrived at an end-goal, or a milestone. You are the foundational element of every single thing you will ever touch and see and feel and know, and that is why it matters. The variable is not whether or not the future will arrive — the choice is what version of you shows up to meet it.
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Maybe you don’t really find it, at least — not in the way you think. Maybe you get your dream job and then eventually, it’s just Monday morning. Maybe you find a new house and then eventually, it’s just a home that you have to clean. Maybe you fall in love and then eventually, find yourself once again wondering if you are enough. Maybe the big things carry us over thresholds and into new lives and then when the dust settles, we find that we are right back where we started and maybe, we never really left. Maybe one day, when every milestone has been passed and everything has been achieved and everything has been saved and acquired and completed, we all wake up and realize that if we are lucky, it’s still just us, savoring our morning coffee. Maybe one day, we come to find that if the joy was not in the little things, it would be nowhere else. Because maybe one day we realize that the path was only ever walked with ourselves. And yes, there were times at which our roads ran parallel to others, times at which they intersected and disrupted one another, formed around each other and carried on. But while we steadied our gaze onto the horizon, the experience was only ever how each foot hit the ground. Maybe we become ourselves when we stop trying to have the best of everything, but make the best of anything. Maybe the wonder we’ve been seeking all along was the way in which we’d come to admire our own selves, and that is not a throwaway alternative. In fact, it might be the most challenging thing of all. Though we may be able to gloss over what others see, we cannot fool what we feel inside. You will know when it is right, and you will know when it is not. You can live up to everyone else’s standards and still not be fulfilling your own. You can have everything you assume others would ascribe to a life well-lived, and know whether or not you will arrive at your final hours feeling like you did what you came to do. Maybe we were never meant to keep going forward for the sake of it, but to stop every now and then and ask ourselves: if it is not where I am going that will fulfill me, is the way that I am carrying myself there enough to make my life complete?
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There is a path to everything you know is waiting for you, even if you don’t know what that is right now. Sometimes, the paths we plan too intently end up limiting us in some way. There are possibilities available to your future self that your current self wouldn’t be able to consider. All your mind can pull from is what it’s known, and if you’re trying to build a life outside of that, then you’re going to have to open yourself to the possibility that not only is there a path toward, but that it may very well lead somewhere better than you thought it would. Sometimes, we don’t know because we can’t know. The very fact of us knowing would disrupt the timing of what is unfolding. The very fact of us knowing would prevent us from learning the lessons that are here for us today. And those lessons? They aren’t a due we have to pay or a purgatory we are being stuck in, they are the building blocks of the character of the person who is opening up to this next level of their existence. What’s here for you right now contains within it the wisdom and the growth needed to unlock the next phase. I hope that instead of wondering and worrying how you will ever move forward, you can simply recall all the other times you feared you never would… and did. You can remember that you never would have imagined exactly what led you to most good things in your life, and I hope that will inspire you to keep your heart open to wonder, to mystery, to the infinite unknown through which everything beautiful and important will emerge.
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I’m proud of you for being willing to lean into the unknown, for continuing to try even if you can’t quite imagine where you will ultimately land. I’m proud of you for leading with your heart, even when it’s trying to bring you somewhere your mind can’t completely comprehend. I’m proud of you for trusting that you’re not being pushed away from one thing, but called to another. For being willing to experience something you never have before, for practicing trust. I’m proud of you for living at the edge of your courage. I’m proud of you for letting yourself be guided. For remembering that the only regret is not making the most of what we had, while we still had it.
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This past weekend, I gave the commencement speech at my alma mater, and received an Honorary Doctorate in Literature. Thank you again to the @etowncollege class of 2024 for having me share such a special moment with you all. I wish you the best as the next chapter of your lives begin.
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I hope you learn to see yourself like someone who truly loves you does — someone who can see your imperfections but chooses you regardless, and forgives you regardless, and believes in you regardless. The truth is that when we observe something for too long, we inevitably discover every microscopic fault line within it, and when we focus on those minor imperfections for too long, we begin to piece together an image of that thing as being unworthy and broken and flawed. The way we see ourselves functions so similarly. If we allot too much brain space to finding, and shielding, ourselves from the ways in which we might not be enough, we inevitably end up burying ourselves beneath the mountain of evidence we didn’t even realize we were gathering in an attempt to prove ourselves right. We enter a complete denial of the beautiful truth of all we came here to be, and most importantly — we lose touch with the way we are really known, with the way we are really seen. If you were to ask almost anyone in your life to describe you, you’d probably find that the way they’d depict you would vary incredibly from the way you imagine yourself. You are so much more inclined to give weight, and precedence, to the things you are still working on, the things you are insecure about, the ways in which you are not living up to your own standards. You are so much more inclined to define yourself by what you aren’t, while the rest of the world is actually seeing you for what you already are. Do you know how many perfect moments are unfolding before your very eyes? Do you know how much you already have? Do you know how many quiet nights of peace you have already experienced, how many hearts have loved you, how many people would love to see your name pop up on their phone right now? Do you know how much you matter? Do you know how good you are?
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All the pieces of your story that have not made sense, that have left you with more questions than answers, that felt like false starts and endless cycles, will eventually reveal themselves to you as perfectly sequenced, perfectly timed, perfectly destined to set you up for all that you would one day come to know and be. Sometimes, you don’t know because you can’t know. The virtue of you knowing where it all ultimately leads would short-circuit the process, and the process? It’s a regathering. It’s where you wake up the parts of yourself that had been laying dormant as potential, where you recover the parts of yourself that you lost to the past, to grief, to fear; where you begin to uncover who you really are, and what you really want to be. Your path has taken you to the exact people, places and experiences that can will give you that knowledge. The losses were lessons, written by your own subconscious mind, with the intention of bringing you to your edges and allowing you to see past the walls you had been quietly living inside. The life you are meant for is the life you actually want. Not the life you are settling for because it feels easiest, because you want to feel safe more than you want to actually experience this world while you are still in it. Not the life that makes your ego feel as though it can compete, but the one that makes your soul recognize that there was never a competition in the first place. The only measure is how fulfilled we are, how much we can appreciate the day we have, the opportunities we’re being given, those who have chosen to walk alongside us — all we have, all we are, and all we will one day be. It is in our highest interest to listen to the discomfort, as it is attempting to lead us to peace. To honor what is not working so we may keep reaching toward what will. To remember that if something is not bringing us wholeness, it is trying to bring us to the piece of ourselves we first must self-realize in order to heal, in order to truly, and completely, be.
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