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🎾 For over 65 years, Barbie has championed more stories and more opportunities for girls, by spotlighting the successes of women who inspire us. Today we honor tennis champion and icon, Venus Williams with her very own one-of-a-kind Barbie doll, celebrating her excellence in sport and our belief that when girls keep playing, they have the power to be world-class competitors. #Barbie #BarbieStyle #Barbie65
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All love, always 💕 Barbie and @GLAAD are continuing our mission to create a world where LGBTQ people are free to take #PRIDE in who they are, building on our donations and partnerships from years past. #HappyPride ! #Barbie
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Secured the bag. 👛 #barbie #barbiestyle
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65 years of glamour and sophistication 💙 The Barbie Fashion Model Collection celebrates our Sapphire Anniversary with a Barbie doll perfectly suited for the occasion in timeless elegance, only on @MattelCreations for Barbie Signature members. #Barbie #Barbie65 #BarbieStyle
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On the green. ⛳️ #barbie #barbiestyle
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Spoiler alert: we’re a pink! 💗🌸🎀 #barbie #barbiestyle
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Giddy up. 💖🐴#barbie #barbiestyle
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This is your reminder to support your local bookstore. 📚 @thesalteaters #barbie #barbiestyle
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This grill runs on Ken-rgy. 🌭#barbie #barbiestyle
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The height of luxury is drinking 4 beverages at once. ☕️ 🧊🥤💗 #barbie #barbiestyle
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This #AAPIHeritageMonth we put together a special gift box, celebrating our diverse line-up of dolls, including the all-new @KristiYamaguchi Inspiring Women Barbie doll, and gifts from some of our fave #AAPI women-owned brands like @emijayinc , @getcocofloss , @dagnedover , @thewoobles , and @livetinted . 💗 Can’t wait to try them all! #barbie #barbiestyle
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Locally sourced, handmade hobby.🪴#barbie #barbiestyle
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