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20 years ago ON THIS DAY; "Hybrid Theory" is the debut studio album by LINKIN PARK. It was released on October 24, 2000. What’s your favorite song? Comment below! ⬇️ LINKIN PARK - HYBRID THEORY (2000) Tracklisting: 1. "Papercut" 2. "One Step Closer" 3. "With You" 4. "Points of Authority" 5. "Crawling" 6. "Runaway" 7. "By Myself" 8. "In the End" 9. "A Place for My Head" 10. "Forgotten" 11. "Cure for the Itch" 12. "Pushing Me Away" LINKIN PARK (2000): Chester Bennington – lead vocals Mike Shinoda – rapping, vocals, beat, samples Brad Delson – guitars, bass Joe Hahn – turntables, samples, line art sketches, drawings Rob Bourdon – drums, percussion Additional: Ian Hornbeck – bass (on "Papercut", "A Place for My Head", and "Forgotten") Scott Koziol – bass (on "One Step Closer") Don Gilmore – producer, engineering Steve Sisco – Engineering John Ewing Jr. – Additional engineering, Pro Tools Matt Griffin – Engineering assistance Andy Wallace – mixing Brian Gardner – Audio mastering, digital editing Jeff Blue – executive producer Frank Maddocks – graphic design James Minchin III – photography The Dust Brothers – sequencing, and samples (on "With You") #MetalheadCommunity #MetalHistory #OnThisDay #Metalhead #Metalheads #MetalMag #MetalMagazine #MetalAlbum #NuMetal #AlternativeMetal #RapMetal #LINKINPARK #HybridTheory #WarnerRecords #DonGilmore #ChesterBennington #MikeShinoda #BradDelson #JoeHahn #RobBourdon #AndyWallace #FrankMaddocks #JamesMinchinIII #NRGRecordingStudios #WarnerBrosRecords #OneStepCloser #InTheEnd #Crawling #Papercut
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@deftones_ !!re!!_039; game-changing classic 'White Pony' turned 20 today! What's your favorite song on the album? 📸: #JamesMinchinIII
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Missing Amantha. 📷 #jamesminchiniii #rectify
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Faz tempo que quero falar sobre isso. É algo que molda completamente meus processos artísticos e criativos, seja quando fotografo, desenho ou componho uma melodia. Até meu estilo de vestir, na verdade. Se você não gosta de Linkin Park, essa publicação serve para você rever teus conceitos. Pelo menos valorizar mais o que esses caras fizeram. 😉 A base dos processos criativos do Linkin Park geralmente começavam com Mike Shinoda (@m_shinoda ), Joe Hahn (@mrjoehahn ) e Frank Maddocks (@frankmaddocks ). A partir deles, o visual da banda se desenvolveu. Boris Tellegen (@boris_tellegen ) também faz artes fascinantes. A arte deles me inspira muito, mas não conseguiria colocar tudo num post só 🥲. Abram o perfil deles pra conferir! Mas como amo fotografia, o destaque também vai para o James Minchin III (@jamesminchin ). Ele já trabalhou com muitas pessoas famosas e é especialista em fotografia preto e branco. Uma hora terei de fazer um vídeo só mostrando a arte dele! 📸 Por hoje é só, pessoal... Apenas @linkinpark ! ⭐ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #linkinpark #mikeshinoda #joehahn #boristellegen #frankmaddocks #jamesminchiniii #fotografia #fotografiabrasil #arte #artes #inspiração #grafite
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Scottie & Harvey 🤍
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Heart felt thank you to the @sagaftra negotiating committee who forged the way these past 4 months on our behalf. Wanted to take the opportunity now that we are shifting into this new season, to thank all of you who are watching and have watched #Suits 🤍. Thank you for appreciating #Scottie & the entire creative team’s incredible work to support #AaronKorsh ‘s vision. What a dream to a part and play this dynamic character and be scene partners with @iamgabrielmacht and the rest of this beloved cast. The fact that you have discovered & rediscovered the show this year is just so cool. I have appreciated meeting you through my travels: On and off line. Who would have thunk!? What a surprise & delight. Can’t wait to get back to work and keep telling more stories… Merci beaucoup. Muchas gracias. Thank you in all the ways. 🙏 📸 #jamesminchiniii
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On this day, October 24th 2000, Linkin Park released their debut studio album, 'Hybrid Theory', under the Warner Bros label. It was recorded between March and July of 2000 at NRG Recording Studios in North Hollywood, CA, and produced by Don Gilmore. It is titled after the band's previous name, and the concept of music theory. Four singles were released from the record, 'One Step Closer', 'Crawling', 'Paoercut' and 'In The End'. The themes throughout the album range from drug abuse to divorce, of which late vocalist, Chester Bennington had experienced and seen as a child. Originally, the album had its origins in a nine track demo tape, which was produced by the band. It was sent to various recording companies, and the band played forty-two different showcases of recording industry representatives. They were signed by Warner Bros due to the recommendation of Jeff Blue, who joined after resigning from Zomba. The composition of the album had varied inspiration, from Bennington's singing, influenced by Depeche Mode and Stone Temple Pilots, to the riffs and guitar technique of Brad Delson, inspired by Deftones, Guns N' Roses, U2 and The Smiths. Upon release, the album garnered generally positive reviews from critics, with AllMusic giving it 5 out of 5 stars, Kerrang! giving it 5/5 and Melodic giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is certified 12x Platinum in the US, 6x Platinum in the UK, 5x Platinum in NZ, Australia and Canada, 4x Platinum in Denmark and Europe, 3x Platinum in Germany, 2x Platinum in Belgium and Italy and Platinum in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Finland, France, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Tracklist: Papercut One Step Closer With You Points Of Authority Crawling Runaway By Myself In The End A Place For My Head Forgotten Cure For The Itch Pushing Me Away Art and design by Frank Maddock/James Minchin III/Mike Shinoda. #linkinpark #hybridtheory #chesterbennington #mikeshinoda #joehahn #braddelson #robbourdon #jeffblue #dongilmore #frankmaddock #jamesminchiniii #numetal #hardrock #alternativerock #alternativemetal #alternative #rockmusic #heavyrock #raprock #hiphopandrock
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On this day, September 29th 2009, 17 years after 'Dirt' released, Alice in Chains released their fourth studio album 'Black Gives Way To Blue', on Virgin/EMI records. It was recorded at Studio 606 in Northridge, CA and Henson Recording studios in Los Angeles, between October 23rd 2008 and March 18th 2009. It was produced by Alice in Chains and Nick Raskulinecz. The record is the first album without original lead singer, Layne Staley, who died in 2002, and also the first with new vocalist and rhythm guitarist, William DuVall, who would share vocal duties with lead guitarist/vocalist, Jerry Cantrell. The title track features Elton John on piano, and is a tribute to Staley. In 2005, the band reunited after being apart for years, and performed their first live show since 1996. It was a benefit concert in Seattle for the victims of the tsunami disaster in South Asia. William DuVall would join them in 2006, honouring Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. DuVall has performed with Jerry Cantrell previously, and a member of his band on his 'Degradation Trip' tour in 2001 and 2002. After the reunion shows, the band decided to work on new material and officially made DuVall a band member. The themes in 'Black Gives Way to Blue', are about loss, grieving, death, but all with a glimmer of hope buried within. Much of the album is about the death of Layne Staley, and the band's struggles and emotions, coming to terms with the loss of not only a band member, but also a friend. Upon release, the album was a hit critically and commercially, with Kerrang! giving it 5 out of 5 stars, Metal Hammer giving it 10 out of 10 and AllMusic awarding it 4 out of 5 stars. Four singles were released from the record, 'A Looking in View', 'Check My Brain', 'Your Decision' and 'Lesson Learned'. The album is certified Gold in the US. Cover and photos by Matt Taylor/James Minchin III/Emmanuel Polanco Tracklist: All Secrets Known Check My Brain Last Of My Kind Your Decision A Looking In View When The Sun Rose Again Acid Bubble Lesson Learned Take Her Out Private Hell Black Gives Way To Blue @aliceinchains @jerrycantrell @officialseankinney @mike_inez_official @williamduvallofficial
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Hey y’all. I'm excited to announce that I'll be doing a virtual autograph signing on September 22nd! You can go to streamily.com/abigailspencer @streamily.live for a print, I will sign it live and it will be sent directly to you! Look forward to meeting you! xx Abigail 📷 #jamesminchiniii
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