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Just to get the record straight the program is coming out on @centrfit the 29th April!! I got a little excited saying it’s live 🫣🤫😂 I got to test run this program at the start of the year and loved it and I got great results 👊🏼 Anyone who is looking to hold muscle and drop body fat needs to check out his program. #Power #Shred #Centr #live #health #fitness
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I have been seeing this wrap recipe and needed to try it, wait for the end result 🙈 #wrap #recipe #healthy
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I notice a big shift in my training when I’m training for something I didn’t feel like training this afternoon but this session was programmed for my prep for Hyrox. Having something to train for gives me a sense of purpose and I’m defiantly training harder 👊🏼 Find something that makes you tick have a program and go for it! If you need program ideas we have a tonne on @centrfit #training #program #hyrox #centr #letsgo
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How do you like your eggs? This actually works just remember 7 minutes on 180 degrees! #posched #eggs #true #story
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The Saturday workout you do with your mate who is as silly as you! 500 M run sled push x 4 2 minute rest Bike 20 cal Walking lunge x4 2 minute rest Ski erge 20 cal Push ups x15 x4 2 minute rest Row 25 cal Squats x 25 x4 Finish 👊🏼 Tag your mate who would do this @jadengarft #workout #weighted #vest #spicy
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Bunless burger that packs a punch 👊🏼 #burger #recipe #bunlessburger
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The truth will always set you free! Sorry about the language and the pointy nipple 🫣 #sauna #comfessions #spitting #the #truth
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Come with me on a journey to blow up your upper body 🙌🏽 I love using cable machines for muscle building exercises! You can get tension on the muscles in exercises that isn’t possible with dumbbells. This workout tie all done as superset with a 60 second rest 4x12 for each superset enjoy 👊🏼 #upperbody #pump #Getit #boulders #arms #chest #back
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I feel so privileged to see a Beluga whale in the wild on my trip in the outback!!! #whitewhale #wow #tanning #needed
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It’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Go Doggies!! Happy Easter 👊🏼
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I have started my Hyrox prep for this year. These are some of my tips that I think will help you prep for the race. My prep has been made a little easier thanks to @centrfit being the new official equipment provider for all races. #hyrox #centr #prep #letsgo
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I just realised I called basil parsley 🙈 It’s too late i’m done enjoy this guilt free lasagna ❤️ #lasagna #recipe #delicious #healthy
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