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What do you think of the clouds? Soft, free, dreamy... Have you ever thought about painting clouds on your Lips… -Cloud Touch Fixing Tint -Airy Matte Finish Y.O.U took off the clouds and painted it on your lips. #youcloudtouch #youmakeups
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Touching Your Inner Soul with Cloudtouch. Smoothly get inside your heart, creat a perfect makeup on your face spend the time with your lover💕 #YOULongLastingBeauty #youcosmetics #YOUCloudTouch
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A "shine free, long-lasting and waterproof" create a dazzling and unintentional makeup look that complements the bright sun and spends the vacation with you beloved people❤️ #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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Choose "NATURAL" base makeup tone to shine!!!! #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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Lightweight and breathable like breath bring you a good mood like a vacation by the sea!!!! #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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Summer activities always make you feel relaxed, but in the face of intense direct sunlight, oily light and high temperature test… the basic makeup cann't hold !!! Pat 'n Go Blurring Loose Powder contains special ☀️GLASTING HM/HM-TS ingredient ☀️halidrys siliquosa extract its the perfect collision of technology and plants extracts!!! #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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Have a romantic date with Pat‘n Go Blurring Loose Powder for your perfect vacation! #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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Ocean, beach, palm trees, coconut icecream, surfing, diving…. ALL THE FUN THINGS COMING UP! Bring Pat'n Go Blurring Loose Powder with you anywhere, anytime!!! #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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Vacation time!let's go to the seaside! Sweaty is no longer a nightmare for makeup! ❤️ lightweight ❤️ oil control ❤️ natural shades 🔥suitable for outdoor party! Pat 'n Go Blurring Loose Powder √Even Skin Tone(V001 Violet) √Lightweight & Breathable √Shine Control √Long-lasting test #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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What you want is a relaxing seaside holiday! ☀️ Pat'n Go Blurring Loose Powder creates a non-patchy and longlasting makeup to support you enjoying your relaxing time without greasy skin and even your skin tone! 🌊 #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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Enjoy your seaside vacation! A fun beach party cannot be bothered by greasy skin and uneven skin tone. Pat'n Go Blurring Loose Powder! Make your face look natural, fresh and pretty even if you sweat on a hot day! #YOULongLastingBeauty #YOUMakeups #YOUColorland
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Start here... Retain the beauty, softness and subtlety of youth. ADVANCED YOUTH All formulas are suitable for summer use and oily skin. #YOUXKIMSOOHYUN #YOUAdvancedYouth #YOUPlantideX™ #YOUSkincare #YOULongLastingBeauty
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