See the difference? No me neither…😉 - ✌️That’s the point! There’s no difference in exercise selection for general muscle gain or fat loss!! It should all be the same, the only difference you really make in training is the amount of training volume you’re doing. - The amount of sets and reps needed for muscle gain is more than for fat loss. Because you need the stress to be forced on the muscle to really force the muscle to grow. If you’re in a deficit however, you’re training to preserve as much muscle as possible and maybe grow some muscle - Knowing that, we can talk about the real difference in fitness for muscle gain or fat loss. As you probably already know, it’s not so much about training. It’s way more about nutrition. - It’s about how much you’re eating, how much protein you’re eating. Maybe how many carbs and fats you’re eating if you’re up to tracking that. That’s the true difference. - You see, for most people who are trying to lose fat, what you actually do in the gym doesn’t matter as much as you think. Yes, get a good training program specified towards your goals and needs but don’t stress about the small stuff. You probably don’t even have your calories and proteins completely dialled in so please don’t worry too much about EXERCISE SELECTION. Which is like 2% of what really matters. If not less.. Follow us @workout_.tips @workout.battalion  For more Amazing Tips . . Save this post to remember it 💯 - - #workouttips💪🏽 #workoutbattalion #fitnessmotivation  #positiovity  #behappy  #fitspiration  #habits  #staypositive  #motivation  #sleepy  #nutrition  #sleepwell  #didyoukxnow  #yoga  #fitness  #mobilitywod  @workout_.tips #flexibility  @workout.battalion #physicaltherapy  #yogi  #bodybuilding  #weekendyoga  #deadlift  #squat  #hypertrophy  #legday  #workout  #yogaformen
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