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✨ Emmy award winning nominee 🏆 Professional dancer on DWTS, Mirrorball Champion 🫶🏼 Mama to Leo & Jet 💌 [email protected]
Thank you for all your kind words of support it means so much to me! I will miss dancing for you all every single week this season but I know it’s the right decision for me and my family right now. I love you all 🤍🙏🏼🥹 #dwts #family #familyovereverything #witneycarson #workingmom
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3 months ago
This time of year is so special to me. I have so many beautiful memories of our little family growing each year. #kaypartner Carson and I will be celebrating 8 years of marriage and it’s a special one! He surprised me with these beautiful @kayjewelers Unstoppable Love earrings to celebrate and remember this time together. I love our little growing family so much. Let the holiday festivities begin! #kaycrew
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It’s been a while…. Did you miss us?!! @therealalfonsoribeiro #dwts #dwtsfinale #alfonsoribeiro #witneycarson #finale
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#philipspartner Our nighttime routine with two kids under two 💫 I cherish this time even though it’s so wild sometimes. Kissing my babies goodnight after a long day just makes everything better. We are really trying to get Jet to sleep through the night so his nighttime feedings have been so important! We love our @philipsavent Natural bottle to ensure he gets a full feed before his bedtime. I love this special time together with him! #parentyourway
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6 days ago
It’s our annual pizza and movie night at the McAllister house. Did you guys know Leo’s full name is Kevin McAllister? Yep, just like Kevin McAllister in Home Alone. So what better way to kick off the holiday season than to make Kevin’s favorite homemade pizza, paired with our favorite Christmas movie. Watch Home Alone with us December 3rd at 8:50pm during @freeform ’s @25days of Christmas! #25daysofchristmas #sponsored
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8 days ago
Creating core memories 🌲🤍✨ #holidays #christmastree #holidaytraditions
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Thanksgiving break photo dump 🤍🦃🙏🏼 this year we brought the Carson crew over to us, and it was one to remember! I love them. 🫶 Just missing our baby sister in Canada! #happythanksgiving #family #florida #floridawinter #thanksgiving #thanksgivingbreak
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11 days ago
Happy 6 months (a little late) to our smiliest, happiest boy 🥹 you came into our lives at the perfect time. You gave us light and hope when the world seemed dark. Truly a gift from heaven, and I am so blessed to be your mama! Jetter bug, we love you so much forever and ever!
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20 days ago
Had the best time in LA this week! Lots of good food, work and friends! So happy to be home with my babies 😍🙏🏼 @stayaka_la @stayaka
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21 days ago
#philipspartner My breastfeeding journey has come to an end. As bittersweet as it is, I’m so thankful for an amazing husband who’s been heavily involved, helping anyway he can, and of course Leo for being the best big brother 🥹🤍 @philipsavent Natural bottles have given me such a peace of mind with the transition to strictly bottles. The Natural Response nipple only releases milk when Jet actively drinks, allowing him to pause to swallow or breathe, just like breastfeeding. I am grateful for the time I had breastfeeding and am relieved to have found a bottle that Jet and I both love 🙏🏼 #parentyourway
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Need help deciding which dress for an event tonight! 1, 2 or 3?! All dresses from @revolve 🤩 #loreal #lorealevent #event #fancydresses #dresses #blacktie #blacktieevent #style #taylorswift
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NEW YOU COVER SHOOT coming early next year✨ I’m shook!! Such a fun day! @newyoumedia Makeup: @emmawillishmu Hair: @tedgibson Hair color: @morganparks_ Photographer: @fadilberishaart Styling: @danielleandalix
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We’ve entered the potty humor phase and I’m not okay 😅 excuse me, not the full name mister #leo #leoboy #boymom #boymoms #boymomproblems #toddlerhumor #toddlers
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1 month ago
Settle a debate for us- Leo is my twin, Jet is dads twin. Agreed?!
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It’s been exactly one week since we launched and it’s been overwhelming to say the least! The amount of messages I’ve received about how much you love it makes me SO happy! Link in bio for those who missed it! 🤍🙏🏼 THANKFUL
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Looking back these past five months, I am SO GRATEFUL for every stage. Every day that I got to get up and move my body, no matter what the scale said. I’m amazed at what our bodies can do. From pregnancy, to multiple miraculous births, to the mental and physical struggles of post-partum. Women, we are strong, we are super heroes and don’t you dare forget it! I love you! 💪🏼🤍🙏🏼 #womenempowerment #5monthspostpartum #postpartum #postpartumbody #loveyourself #bodypositivity #bodypositive #encouragement
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AHH!!! Cannot believe it’s finally here!!! Being a skin cancer survivor and a person who has struggled with eczema my whole life, I was on the hunt for the best and healthiest products for my skin. It was impossible to find something that not only smelled good but that actually healed my skin. I didn’t find it… This led me to creating my very own - Introducing @activeearthorganics infused with purifying silver. Why silver? Silver has been used for centuries as natures’ natural healer. In short, it’s the MAGIC your skin needs. I’m so proud of this body lotion, I have personally hand picked every single ingredient, and I can honestly say it’s the best thing you’ll put on your body! Organic calendula (your health defense), Jojoba oil (keeps skin calm), citrus essential oil (happy smell), purifying nano-silver (antimicrobial properties), Hyaluronic acid (to keep your skin young and bouncy). ITS PERFECTION and I cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on it! Link in bio to buy!
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I’ve been keeping a silver secret! ACTIVE EARTH ORGANICS launches TOMORROW!! Set your alarms to find out!
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Chef Leo did not disappoint! These Halloween cupcakes were so fun to make and delicious to eat. Love my little buddy!
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1 month ago
McAllister Halloween 2023 👻🎃The festivities have begun! Leo has been obsessed with Toy Story so of course we were all his favorite characters! So much fun!! The last photo I cannot handle 🥹 Can’t wait to see all your costumes this year! #halloween #halloweencostumes #halloween2023 #toystory #toystorycostumes
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1 month ago
We had the best birthday getaway at @fsorlando 😍 the boys loved the splash pad and mom and dad got to relax and enjoy tacos by the pool. We did Disney for a day and ordered wayyyy too much room service. I was spoiled and I couldn’t be more grateful! #fsorlando
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1 month ago
Didn’t expect to tear up editing this you guys 🥹 This is just so magical! Never want him to grow up ever ever!! #buzzlightyear #halloween #halloweencostumes #toddlercostumes #toddlerhalloween #fyp
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