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We detoxify your body, revitalize your mind, and restore your spirit in an intimate desert oasis. 💧 Reservation inquiries online and by phone.
Welcome to The Fast. In this first season of We Care Spa’s podcast and wellness series, we invite nine of our favorite thought-leaders and innovators to share their own joy of healthy living. Hosted by our General Manager and ISPA Chairman of the Board Patrick Huey, conversations explore new beginnings, ancient fundamentals, the realities of starting a business, the power of forgiveness, microbiomes, why babies like to dance, and more. In every episode we see the moments of clarity when a person throws what no longer serves a purpose into the fire, and how that choice moves them forward. Our first episode, with We Care Spa founder Susana Belen, airs Thursday 7/27.
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Check ✅ All of our guests, whether here for a weekend, week, or three weeks, follow our program of complete liquid nutrition. Twelve different juices, teas, shakes, soups, water, and supplements deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients while giving your body a relief from breaking down and digesting solid food.
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Why I “We Care”: In 2011 my father died suddenly of a heart attack on Valentine’s Day in Malibu CA after a surf at his favorite spot: County Line. Some people know this story, some don’t, about how this one moment, this one instant changed the course of my life. I also entered into a very painful & ongoing divorce & custody journey with my then 2 year old son’s father. But what I could never have predicted was the physical health journey I would go on after these two life shattering events. The grief was trapped in my body & I started having bouts of bronchitis & chronic ENT issues. Simultaneously my work life increased and I had the joy of having several opportunities to help create some of the characters in movies & tv shows you may or may not have seen. Contraction/Expansion. By 2015 - 2019 I was keeping long hours, sometimes 16 - 21 hour days. Traveling on weekends to be with my son. I love to create & I had caught a wave when Mad Men came into my life & I decided to surf it. The toll… most people don’t know that I was on 3 - 4 rounds of antibiotics a year to keep working & living. I had a doctor visit me one weekend when my body gave out on set & reported that my adrenals were so low that he didn’t know how I was walking, talking or functioning. Friends were reaching out planning a potential intervention because they were so worried about me. I had to change course. I had to find more support. I had become so used to being a sick, high functioning person that I couldn’t recall what it was like to be well. My insides were falling apart. I developed chronic cystic acne. The stress was unbearable. But on the outside: no one could tell.
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We Care Spa is the vision of a mother-daughter pair, so today means more than most days 🌸 We are truly touched by the stories of mothers, granddaughters, sisters, and aunts who come together at our home in the desert. Today, we wish you all a happy Mother’s Day! #mothersday #detox #body #mind #spirit #together
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“Each day, my mind and senses became clearer- my sense of smell, my vision, my taste all seemed to be intensified.” - @jenacovello “I’ve been to We Care four times prior, but this trip was different. I’ve only done the cleanse four days in the past. This time I promised myself I would do a full seven. My body truly needed it- l’ve been working harder than ever and all of the stress seems to sit in my gut and uterus, and I didn’t understand the magnitude until this trip. Most women are unaware of how hard we are on our bodies. How working so hard affects the emotional and physical body. We don’t fully realize it until we take a pause and allow ourselves the time to be selfish and detach from work to balance our hormones. This was one of my most special and magical trips to We Care. Almost everyone who works on your body is a healer to some capacity. And all of the incredible guests chat and talk about the amazing team that works on their body, trading notes on who is the best, and which treatments they love. In the past the cleanse has been hard for me, but this trip I wasn’t hungry and had so much energy that I couldn’t sleep but still felt energized in the morning. Each day, my mind and senses became clearer- my sense of smell, my vision, my taste all seemed to be intensified. Little Federico slept on top of me during treatments, and after having Nancy, Ayla, Israel, Felicia, Anabel (and Juan but he was away) work on my body, I could barely move because I was so relaxed. Susana is the incredible founder and in her late 80’s- We spoke about our ozone machines, the soil, the weather, detoxing and the importance of colonics in relation to the uterus (when the colon is heavy it sits and weighs on the uterus). She is so sharp and what she’s created is pure magic. I am so humbled we now have the @agentnateur facial and body treatment on their menu!”
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This incredible and vibrant Earth is the only home we have 🌏 From the snow capped mountains to the sun drenched deserts, the majesty of this planet inspires awe in all of us. But her future has never been more dire. Even in our oasis, a miracle in its own right, Spring comes earlier, Summers are hotter, and Winter rains become more intense. This #EarthDay let’s all acknowledge the many gifts our planet has given us, and the many gifts we still owe her. For every small step we make on our own, we must ask our friends and neighbors to do the same and join them hand-in-hand. Let’s show the world that We Care 🪺🌍 #earthday
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Our Rules of Good Digestion 🍽️ 1. Only Eat When Your Stomach Is Empty 🫙 Wait four hours between solid meals, and stick to nutrient-rich liquids and water inbetween. 2. Relax & Honor Your Meal 📵 You need to have a clear mind when you eat. If you are tense, sidetracked, or working you cannot secrete the enzymes needed to digest your food properly! 3. Take Plant-Based Enzymes 💊 Modern farming practices strip essential enzymes from our fruits and vegetables. Supplement these in your diet with our Food-N-Zymes to help your gut break down and absorb nutrients, while preventing gas, bloating, and indigestion. 4. Chew Your Food Well 🦷 The more you chew, the less work your GI tract has to do to break down your food. This is why a diet of liquid nutrition provides the highest level of bioavailable nutrients! 5. Do Not Drink With Meals 🫗 Doing so dilutes the digestive juices that break down your food. Drink any liquids 30 minutes before a meal, or two hours after a meal. 6. Eat Plenty of Fiber 🥦 Dirtary fiber helps to keep your stool moving through your large intestine. It can also help prevent and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Our Detox Drink Plus and a diet rich in seeds, nuts, whole grains, and legumes is the best place to start for more fiber. 7. Secrete More Hydrochloric Acid 🌿 Hydrochloric acid is produced by your stomach to break down solid food and kill harmful bacteria. Adding seaweed, celery juice, pumpkin seeds, and Brazil nuts are easy ways to create more hydrochloric acid. 8. Support Your Gut’s Microbiome 🦠 Imbalances in the microbiome (which is primarily made of bacteria) lead to digestive issues, feelings of fatigue, depression, thyroid dysfunction, weakened immune systems, and a host of skin conditions. Our Daily Probiotic, kombucha, kefir, and fermented vegetables are excellent sources of pro and prebiotic microbes.
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“Health isn’t linear but it’s possible… healing chronic illness isn’t just a physical pursuit but also a mental, emotional spiritual healing experience. Health is all encompassing, our minds and bodies are more connected than we’ll ever realize, and the journey never comes to an end.” - @bewellbybella
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We have never had a finer welcome to Spring 🌼 Thankful for this equinox and the lessons in balance it teaches us all. #detoxify #revitalize #restore
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“Transparently, there are not enough hours in this lifetime to fully express how uniquely special my time at We Care was.” Head to the link in our bio for our full review of the renowned wellness spa in Desert Hot Springs and why our writer thinks it’s without a doubt, worth every penny 💫 #wellness #tcmlivingwell #spiritual #calm
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Celebrating our founder’s 86th birthday ✨ Susana Belen’s pioneering spirit and dedication has touched countless lives, inspiring transformation, healing, and joy. In a time before wellness retreats and green juices, Susana fought to bring her message of a better, healthier life to anyone would listen. Today, her vision is more alive than ever. At 86 years old, she is completely involved; teaching classes, cooking with her 8 grandchildren, dancing tango, fasting one day every week, and always on the hunt for new healing technology. We are eternally grateful for this gift she has given us all. Happiest of birthdays Susana!
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