Thank you everyone!
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1 day ago
So, I did a thing.
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3 days ago
I think I like this one even more.
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8 days ago
Anybody familiar with this group? This song popped up on my recommended playlist and I’m digging it.
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8 days ago
It won’t be live on the channel for a few days, but if you’re a member or patron you can see the first episode of Gettysburg now!
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11 days ago
Almost done editing episode 1 of the Gettysburg series. Can’t wait to bring these videos to the channel!
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11 days ago
An amazing new addition to my collection. A supporter of this channel, Thomas, sent this coin to me from 1717 with the seal of Charles XII, aka Carolus Rex , on it. The oldest thing I now own and I am grateful for it, Thomas. Thank you!
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11 days ago
Just throwing this out there. George Gordon Meade is a really underrated general from the Civil War.
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15 days ago
The man. The myth. The legend. Garry Adelman of the @americanbattlefieldtrust
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16 days ago
Every year someone places buckeyes on the graves of every Ohio soldier here, and soil from Ohio on the Ohio marker as well as the grave of George Nixon, President Nixon’s great grandfather. I’ll admit that as a Buckeye myself, this really touched me.
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17 days ago
The railroad cut. Hundreds of Joe Davis’ Mississippians were captured here by men from the Iron Brigade and others.
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17 days ago
My 4th great grandfather’s name on the Pennsylvania monument. Sgt. Daniel Servey, Co. I, 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry.
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17 days ago