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THE BULLDOG In addition to a dominating presence between the posts, Jose Luis Chilavert was a true penalty and free-kick specialist, racking up 67 goals over the course of his career. In November 1994, Vélez’s Libertadores victory qualified them for the Intercontinental Cup, a one-game clash in Tokyo between European and South American Club Champions. Velez faced an A.C. Milan team fresh from beating Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona 4-0 in the Champions League final, and widely regarded as the best in the world. But Baresi, Maldini, Boban, and Massaro couldn’t find a way to beat Chilavert, whose clean sheet secured a famous win for Velez. Reflecting on the game decades later, Fabio Cappello considers Milan’s 2-0 loss to be “the worst defeat of my career.” words: @soylucasg from “The Bulldog” in Victory Journal #20 . art: @gordopelota #joseluischilavert #chilavert #oscartubio #thebulldog #velez #acmilan #baresi #maldini #fabiocappello #paraguay
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ENTER SANDMAN Ohio State’s legendary coach Woody Hayes’s quote, “three yards and a cloud of dust” has been an idiom for hard-nosed footballers for half a century. These days, no one embodies it better than the Sandmen of Trona High School. The town of Trona, 60 miles southwest of Death Valley as the crow flies, sits on the western edge of the dried-up Searles Lake. The community, marooned in the inhospitable California desert, grew up around the Borax mining industry and survives, just barely, on the back of Searles Valley Minerals Inc.’s soda ash processing plant. That salt is the lifeblood of Trona; it, paired with the 120-degree summer highs, also means that barely anything can stay alive in town. “A couple years ago, we had an earthquake that almost took the town out,” Coach Jonathan Schmid says. “But Trona’s full of people that are stubborn. A lot of us aren’t gonna go anywhere ’cause this is home.” Published in Victory Journal 20. words: @jbienkahn 📷: @kevinzacher #trona #sandmen #fridaynightlights #woodyhayes #california #victoryjournal20
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There’s no place like home Now available at @casamagazinesnyc #westvillage #inkstained #ingoodcompany #mohammed
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Portland, Oregon hosted the inaugural Eight Seconds (@eightsecs )Juneteenth Rodeo this past June. It was the first Black rodeo in Oregon’s history and brought together contestants from distant communites—Oklahoma City, OK to Compton, CA to Vancouver, WA. Ivan McClellan, who began by chronicling the culture, organized and promoted this event. He was thrilled to see so many “show up and show out”—2,500 packed-in to celebrate Black cowboys and cowgirls, and watch them compete for a $60,000 purse. Bull riding, Bareback, Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling–it was a wild success, and McClellan says that he’ll be “honored to bring it back to Portland in 2024 bigger and more spectacular than before.” 📷: @nilsericson
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Jazz Is Dead helped us launch Victory 20 properly!  It started at Soho House in Chicago with the legendary Brian Jackson on keys and vocals, Adrian Younge spinning 45s, and us running through our magazine supply in three and half minutes.  It continued the next day at The Lodge Room in LA. Theon Cross, Jamael Deane and The Afronauts graced the stage, and we felt the love from our West Coast family.  It was incredible to add the energy of live musical performance to a launch for the first time—and to enjoy the mutual respect and aficionado connectivity with our Jazz is Dead compatriots and their audience. Huge thank you to everyone at Jazz for combining forces and to @stoneisland_official for making Chicago possible, and much much love to everyone who came out to celebrate.  📸: @blitzkregan
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ACETONE “What was interesting about these damaged cards was just it removed the celebrity out of the sport and it became something else. A struggle was there. The remnants of the ink that was removed became these abstract gestures. I was like, okay, I want to control this my way. So I got some acetone and I was like, let me use the ink to change the narrative. I was trying to erase information at first, then I was like, no, the ink that I used to remove it is also describing a narrative as well.” — Nikkolos Mohammed art: @honorablemohammed “Parish 2,” 2020. Pearl pigment, enamel, and oil on canvas words: from “Survivalist” by @zeets7 in the new Victory Journal 20 - “Home & Away” #robertparish #thechief #celtics #nikkolosmohammed #nbahoops #1991
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XX Issue 20 feels like a major milestone—especially as it’s taken thirteen years! If we didn’t get a chance to celebrate with you yet in Chicago and Los Angeles, we want to send big love and a massive shout to everyone who has contributed to this journey—the photographers, writers, artists, subjects, producers, editors, collaborators, sponsors, printers, shippers, stockists, distributors—this never happens without you. Also to all those who bought issues, subscribed, wrote about the magazine, crowned us with the occasional laurel—that encouragement has been and continues to be meaningful. No, print is not dead, but it’s damn sure difficult, and there is nothing like getting good words from those whose opinion you respect to keep you moving forward. Thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you. You know who you are.
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SCARE TACTICS 📷: @jaredryder from “Target Practice,” his story on French Ring protection dog competitions. From Issue 13, “Tooth and Nail.” #victoryjournal13 #frenchring #decoy #toothandnail
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PROTECT YA SPINE If you want to run around with a heavyweight magazine (256 pgs, 11x17”), you’re going to need a heavyweight bag. The Victory contributor tote is now available in extremely limited quantities—only in a limited bundle with the magazine. Color of fine wine, quilted like a feather duvet, heavy duty straps, two secret pockets and a special patch on the inside—because that’s where the true heads display allegiance. Don’t sleep—not until after you’ve stuffed it with back issues and used it as a pillow. Available at (link in bio). #victoryjournal20 #tote #thethingswecarry
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FOUR ON THE FLOOR On the last day of NCAA competition, four teams remained—Florida, Utah, Auburn, and number-one-seeded Oklahoma, who got off to a painfully slow start on the floor. Powered by the electric, all-around champion Trinity Thomas, Florida surged into the lead, but Oklahoma fought back. It came down to the final rotation. Thomas scored a perfect 10.0 on the floor, and Alyssa Baumann (pictured, foreground) delivered a 9.95. Oklahoma’s Olivia Trautman (background), picked up their gauntlet and threw down a 9.90 on the more unforgiving beam. Combined with three teammates who scored even higher, including Ragan Smith’s 9.9625, it was enough to lift the Sooners over the Gators and win them their fifth national championship in just eight years. They would repeat in 2023, despite Thomas earning a 10.0 on vault to tie the NCAA record with 28 perfect scores. 📷: @reginakoko from Victory Journal 20 * Home & Away #sooners #gators #ncaawomensgymnastics #2022 #trinitythomas #ragansmith #alyssabauman #oliviatrautman #victoryjournal20
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HEAVYWEIGHT They used to say 13, 14, 15 were the championship rounds. Well, we made it to 20, and it’s truly heavyweight from cover to cover. Ali v. Patterson, Drogba and Eto’o at the African Cup of Nations, football in Death Valley, Passinho in Rio, Yokozuna Terunofuji alone at the top, Lewis Hamilton on the track, pack dogs on the ice, drag racing, wing walking, water polo, baseball manga, and yes, by popular demand, rollerblading. It was a good long time in the oven, and now we are very proud to serve the cake. Victory Journal 20 “Home & Away” is now available (link in bio). 📸: @neilleiferphotography Huge thank you to all our writers, artists, and producers: @bashba @braydbay @budschmeling @daryl_rainbow @edwin.houghton @harleyoliverb @horriblemansion @hugo_lindgren @ib.hasa.n @instadavidhill @jbienkahn @jeremyraff @madsear @soylucasg @rudahribiero @mangaberg @s_cuepowobby @sadiesargar @slickcabin @zeets7 #EmilyLever #JulianKimble
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@jazzisdead and @victoryjournal have always been brothers from another mother. Now, we’re making it official! Please join us Friday, October 27th at @lodgeroom for live performances from @Theon_Cross , @Jameal_Dean & the Afronauts and to celebrate the release of Victory’s monumental 20th issue. Opening DJ Set from @bei_ru . Some lucky souls will receive a gratis copy of VJ20, but all will enjoy an epic night of instrumentation on #jazzisdead’s home court. Tickets at Order your copy of VJ20 now at victory #artdontsleep #victoryjournal #jazzisdead
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