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@AnneHathaway is living life out loud—after years of self-recrimination and internet noise. The Oscar-winning actor has undergone an existential overhaul in the last five or so years—a period that coincided with giving up alcohol, new motherhood, turning 40, and treating herself with more grace. Her newfound clarity is evident on screens, as well as on red carpets, where she’s debuted a kaleidoscope of vivid colors and edgy silhouettes that have made her an icon to Gen Z. “This is the first time I’ve known myself this well,” she tells VF’s Julie Miller. “I don’t live in what others think of me. I know my own mind and I am connected to my own feelings.” Also: “I’m way quicker to laugh now.” In her April cover story, the ‘Idea of You’ star discusses her relationship with her public persona, suffering a miscarriage in 2015, and reclaiming her sexual power. Photographed by: @normanjeanroy Story by Julie Miller Styled by: @deborahafshani Hairstylist: @hairbyorlandopita Makeup artist: @gucciwestman Manicurist: @meri3k Tailor: @larsnordstudio Set designer: @vikirutsch Producer: @boomproductions
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From murders to cults to miscarriages of justice, the best true-crime documentaries bring principled reportage to the intrigue they chronicle. Tap the link in bio for a list of the 25 best documentaries you can watch tonight. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Donald Trump fell asleep on the first day of his hush money trial in New York. Then, on Tuesday, it happened again. One theory? The guy who essentially spends his days hooked up to a Diet Coke IV is now going cold turkey for multihour stretches. These are the consequences. Read the latest from Bess Levin at the link in bio.
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@Zendaya ’s tennis training for #Challengers was “no joke.”
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“We love to build a narrative.” Stylist and image architect @luxurylaw shares how he and @Zendaya crafted her #Challengers press tour looks.
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What will @zendaya wear to the 2024 #MetGala ? Even she doesn’t really know.
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The new Netflix series 'Baby Reindeer' opens with a shot of Martha, an emotionally troubled woman (Jessica Gunning) as she sets eyes on the man with whom she will become obsessed. His name is Donny, he’s a bartender/comedian, and his fatal mistake is that he offers Martha a free drink and some offhand kindness that she latches onto like a lifeline. The bracing drama comes from Richard Gadd, a Scottish writer-actor-comedian who not only created, wrote, and stars in 'Baby Reindeer.' He lived it. At the link in bio, Gadd speaks to VF about adapting the most painful chapter of his life into the sensational series. Photo: Ed Miller, Netflix
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No one is doing it quite like @Zendaya and @LuxuryLaw . After wowing us through late winter with out-of-this-world fashion at events for 'Dune: Part Two,' the 27-year-old and her stylist Law Roach are at it again, this time for director Luca Guadagnino’s 'Challengers.' Take a spin through the star’s winning press tour looks—custom, archival, and beyond—at the link in bio. Photos: @Gettyimages
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For @tyla , a hit single was just the beginning. The Jo’burg local promises to be the sound of summer after snagging her first Grammy Award earlier this year. “Cher tapped me on the shoulder,” the singer gushes about the week of the award show. “She knew me!” When her first solo tour launches, so will everybody else. Her new album may be a new sound for some, so she hopes listeners will come “with an open mind…. It makes me feel good, and I just hope it does the same for everyone.” At the link in bio, the singer speaks to VF about postponing her tour, bringing her parents to the Grammys, and her musical inspirations. Photographs by @nickrileybentham Styled by @olivianicoleweeden Hair by @sapongjohnnie Makeup by @rokaelbeauty Manicure by @olivianailsit Tailor @hasmik_scdinc Produced by @preisscreative
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On Monday, Donald Trump becomes the first former president in US history to face a criminal trial. The proceedings will lay bare the details—both seamy and grandiose—of his 2016 presidential run while he battles for another shot at the White House. It also marks the only one of Trump’s four indictments for which he is sure to stand trial before the election in November. The witnesses are expected to include several of the figures who have become tabloid characters unto themselves: Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, and his former aide Hope Hicks. Trump is required to attend the trial, which will take place four days a week. Read more from VF’s @danmadler at the link in bio.
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For @CaileeSpaeny , working alongside @KirstenDunst in ‘Civil War’ was a dream come true.
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Before the start of Donald Trump's Manhattan criminal trial, @MollyJongFast would like to make one thing clear: "None of this is normal." Trump is a presidential candidate unlike any other, just as he was a president unlike any we had before. "None of this is normal. None of this is how American democracy is supposed to work," writes @mollyjongfast . "Trump is not a normal candidate, despite how the media often covers him. He has autocratic ambitions, having told supporters, 'I am your retribution,' and has promised to be a 'dictator'—a dictator!—on 'day one' in office." Read her latest column at the link in bio. Photo: @gettyimages
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