Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge


Welcome to CMA Fest 2024. Day one is in the books but there’s a lot of fun left. We say, “you never know who you’ll see at Tootsie’s”. This is a great example of that. Easton Corbin stopped by the other night. Who will show up next? We don’t know, but you’ll want to be here for it. #TootsiesOrchidLounge #worldfamous #cmafest2024 #musiccity #tootsies
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9 days ago
Welcome to Nashville, CMA Fest fans. There will be a lot of great music good times all weekend. While you're here, stop by the honky tonk that started it all. We've got three floors to party on and, like we say, you never know who you'll see at Tootsies! #worldfamous #TootsiesOrchidLounge #musiccity #broadwaynashville #cmafest2024
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10 days ago
We want you to experience Tootsie’s in person but you can now buy official Tootsie’s merchandise from your neck of the woods. Go to Tootsie’, click on the merch tab and Amazon will bring your hats, shirts or tank tops. #TootsiesOrchidLounge #worldfamous #tootsiesmerch #thehick #Amazon #broadwaynashville #musiccity
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16 days ago
Tootsie's shirts are now available on Amazon! Get yourself or someone else a shirt or hat from the Tootsie's World Famous Orchid Lounge at Enjoy the convenience of Amazon to have it shipped to your home. You can also get one of the hottest hats with artists and athletes. The Hick hat can be seen in videos, interviews and pictures of celebrities with Nashville ties. Get your piece of Nashville today at #tootsiesworldfamousorchidlounge #tootsies #worldfamous #thehick #Amazon #tootsiesmerch
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18 days ago
Today is a day to remember those we didn’t know, but certainly owe. Many made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Let us never forget them. #memorialdayweekend #TootsiesOrchidLounge #worldfamous #tootsies
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20 days ago
Who doesn't love a long weekend, especially when you're in Nashville. The purple palace will be recognizing those who served our country to allow us the freedoms that we enjoy. So, if you're at Tootsie's over the next few days, expect to hear some patriotic tunes. Offering to buy a veteran a beer would be a good thing too. #memorialdayweekend #TootsiesOrchidLounge #worldfamous #musiccity
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23 days ago
Who’s ready for the weekend? The weekends are great but there’s always a party at #TootsiesOrchidLounge #worldfamous #musiccity #tootsiesvip
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30 days ago
The 3rd floor is the biggest and newest floor at Tootsie's. It's a great place to party, but the lower floors have more history. Which is your favorite floor? #tootsiesworldfamousorchidlounge #tootsies #musiccity #worldfamous #tootsiesrooftop
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1 month ago
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1 month ago
Here’s the view from the VIP on Tootsie’s 3rd floor. You can have this view during your visit. For more info, go to or follow @tootsiesvip on IG. #tootsiesworldfamousorchidlounge #tootsies #musiccity #tootsiesvip
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1 month ago
Janson and Johnson part 3. Warning! The video may make you cry, but it's okay because The Rock shed a tear. Other than the warning, there is no caption needed. #chrisjanson #dwaynetherockjohnson #anightforrocky #tootsies #worldfamous #musiccity
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1 month ago
Janson & Johnson part 2. Is there a new duo forming in country music? Maybe. We would be honored to have Chris Janson return to the Tootsie's stage and bring his friend, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with him. We will release details as they develop.
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1 month ago