Defy conventions. Infused with hyaluronic acid, Traceless Soft Matte Foundation is a hydrating formula that creates a flawless, soft-focus finish and enhances your face architecture through light and shadow. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FOUNDATION
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The perfect gift for Father’s Day, Oud Wood is an iconic composition of smoky woods, exotic spices and decadent amber. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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Juneteenth commemorates when the news of the emancipation of Black Americans reached the last group of slaves in Galveston, TX, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued. In observance of Juneteenth, we are taking time to listen, learn and connect, by providing learning opportunities for our employees’ continued education and by closing our corporate offices on Monday, June 21st for a day of reflection. @eji_org #tomfordbeauty
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This Father’s Day, indulge him with the rare, exotic scent of Oud Wood, a decadent composition of spice, woods and amber. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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“I have always loved fragrances with a transportive quality. Costa Azzurra captures the relaxed and sexy mood of the Mediterranean – for me, it feels like the ultimate escape.” – Tom Ford #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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Costa Azzurra is a fresh, invigorating blend of deep evergreens and citrus notes, evoking the sensual ease of a Mediterranean getaway. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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Experience Costa Azzurra - a burst of bright citrus, and beach air freshness, conjuring glimmers of sunlight on wet skin. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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Noir Extreme is a decadent blend of spice, glowing citrus and dark florals, evoking the daring, opulent side of the Noir man. #TOMFORDBEAUTY #TOMFORD #FRAGRANCE
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Discover the warm, smoky amber scent of Noir Extreme, available in 10ML atomizer form – an indulgent Father’s Day gift. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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A decadent blend of spice, amber and sandalwood, Noir Extreme captures the side of the Tom Ford man that revels in sensuality – hinting at the hedonist beneath the bespoke suit. #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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A warm, smoky amber scent heightened by vanilla and spice, Noir Extreme exudes decadence and masculine sensuality. Photo credit: @lizzyroseclough #TFFABULOUS #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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A refreshing, aromatic fougére fragrance, Beau de Jour is amplified with notes of lavender, geranium and patchouli. @faz_frags #TFFABULOUS #TOMFORD #TOMFORDBEAUTY #FRAGRANCE
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