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The distinctive T Timeless detail meets the softness of fine leather, in a statement bag for daily life. Production @ignantproduction Photography @josephkadow Protagonists @sascha_model @louisa.kalonji @mk.ndure @izaio.modelmanagement #TodsSS21 #TTimeless #TodsEditorials
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The latest detail to accessorize the ensemble. T Timeless Belt giving a hint of sophistication. Production @ignantproduction Photography @josephkadow Protagonists @sascha_model @louisa.kalonji @mk.ndure @izaio.modelmanagement #TodsSS21 #TTimeless #TodsEditorials
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Portraying a sense of ease and laid back appeal with Tod's T Timeless loafers. Production @ignantproduction Photography @josephkadow Protagonists @sascha_model @louisa.kalonji @mk.ndure @izaio.modelmanagement #TodsSS21 #TTimeless #TodsEditorials
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A modern sense of effortless elegance. T Timeless bag gives a finishing touch to everyday looks. Production @ignantproduction Photography @josephkadow   Protagonists @sascha_model @louisa.kalonji @mk.ndure @izaio.modelmanagement #TodsSS21 #TTimeless #TodsEditorials
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The hidden pleasure of letting go. A modern denim look styled with Tod's T Timeless Loafers. Production @ignantproduction Photography @josephkadow Protagonists @sascha_model @louisa.kalonji @mk.ndure @izaio.modelmanagement #TodsSS21 #TTimeless #TodsEditorials
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The sweet idleness of dolce far niente seen through the Tod's T Timeless Collection, captured by @icon.magazin . Production @ignantproduction Photography @josephkadow Protagonists @sascha_model @louisa.kalonji @mk.ndure @izaio.modelmanagement #TodsSS21 #TTimeless #TodsEditorials
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1 day ago
The ultimate touch to elevate the look: a pair of distinctive sunglasses from the new Tod's Eyewear collection. Campaign Creative Director: @macsiotti Photographer: @studio_jackson Model @iamkerolyn #TodsSS21 #TodsEyewear
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2 days ago
From vintage-inspired designs to modern styles, the new Tod's eyewear edit features frames with carefully crafted detailing. Campaign Creative Director: @macsiotti Photographer: @studio_jackson Model @aaronaltaras #TodsSS21 #TodsEyewear
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2 days ago
Sleek frames with iconic details. Discover the new Tod's Eyewear collection for the summer season. Campaign Creative Director: @macsiotti Photographer: @studio_jackson Model @chen_estelle #TodsSS21 #TodsEyewear
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2 days ago
The amazing skyline view, the powerful moves, the sense of freedom. Watch In Our Shoes - Seoul via the link in bio. #TodsInOurShoes #TodsSneakers Film Directed: InKon Koh Starring @_imyour_joy with dancing by @deukie_______ @auspicious_hyeon_ik
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3 days ago
Sporty yet sophisticated, Tod's Tabs Sneakers are crafted for an active attitude. #TodsInOurShoes #TodsSneakers @deukie_______ Photographer: JiYong Yoon
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3 days ago
In Our Shoes' main character @_imyour_joy , wears Tod's Tabs Sneakers radiating a strong vibe that’s both elegant and contemporary. Discover more via the link in bio. #TodsInOurShoes #TodsSneakers Photographer: JiYong Yoon
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3 days ago