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Stuff like this will always be the best part of my job. I LOVE surprising audiences of our @sevenbucksprod films, but this #DCSuperPets screening surprise was special 🙏🏾🍿 I dressed up as my character, KRYPTO and surprised two audiences here at @cinemark in LA. Best part was finding a loving home with the Hernandez family for my lil’ guy, Quail 🐶 An incredible night all in the spirit of celebrating PETS 🐕🖤 #DCSuperPets IN THEATERS THIS FRIDAY!! @BestFriendsAnimalSociety 🐶🐱 @SaltAndStraw 🍨 @Teremana 🥃 @SevenBucksProd 🍿
1 year ago
You can tell @KevinHart4Real has been waiting for the day he can finally slap the sh*t out of me with no consequences 👋🏾 😂😂 This was fun. Our @DCLeagueOfSuperPets is IN THEATERS July 29th! Click my bio for tix 🎟! #DCSuperPets #TortillaChallenge
1 year ago
As promised, our world premiere @blackadammovie trailer. This passion project has become my DNA and the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe will change. The world needed a hero. It got BLACK ADAM⚡️ Rage. #ManInBlack #JSA @SevenBucksProd @flynnpictureco @WBPictures @DCComics
1 year ago
Huge congratulations to my brother and tattoo artist @yomicoart on his spectacular, first of its kind Tattoo Seminar and Master Class! Yomico, what a beautiful opportunity you offered for artists from all over the world —USA, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Canada, and more — who all came together to learn, grow, connect on the tattoo art we all love. Our @zoaenergy was proud to be a sponsor of this event, giving all the artists the mental clarity, energy and balance to fuel them during this incredible seminar. So much more to look forward to together in the future, Brother. 🖤✍🏾 And thank you for that big @Teremana toast at end! Salud’ 🥃 #TattooMasterClass #GlobalTattooConference #TheArtThatLeavesWithYou #YomicoTMC
1 year ago
Stand back JUSTICE LEAGUE…we got this! 🐕 🐢 🐿 🐖 🐩💥 Introducing our NEW trailer for @DCLeagueofSuperPets 🔥🔥@SevenBucksProd and our partners at @WBPictures @DCComics are welcoming you and your families back to theaters with an EPICALLY FUN movie-going experience for the entire world to enjoy 🌎🍿🎥 Get ready DC UNIVERSE - the coolest, most bad ass superhero posse is coming to town. LFG and have some FUN! #DCSuperPets ONLY IN THEATERS JULY 29TH! 🌍
1 year ago
Appreciate #TeamTyson reaching out to me and a BIG MAHALO to the “other” People’s Champ 😉 the goat my brother @tysonfury 🐐 for the beautiful words. Look forward to getting our families together down the road ❤️ And we’ll get some tequila and workouts in as well 💪🏾🥃 Love & respect always. Have a great fight boys! #FuryWhyte Posted @withregram@tysonfury Thank you DJ @therock ! I appreciate the amazing message brother 🤛🏽 I certainly will be kicking ass and enjoying my homecoming! Cant wait to connect with you and the beautiful family after. God Bless You 🙏🏽 #FuryWhyte
1 year ago
Why buy the @XFL ? 1) Because I love the game of football. 2) There’s 53 players on an @NFL roster — I was always that 54th player. Solid player, but not good enough to make the cut. 3) So now I can create opportunities for other players to get after it and achieve their goals and live their dreams. 4) We want to grow the game of football. #94 on the field 💪🏾 #1 in your heart 😉 This is the XFL. #owner @espn @espngreeny @danygarciaco
1 year ago
As promised we had big and exciting news today for our @XFL as we announced our Head Coach line up for our 2023 season 🏈 These Head Coaches are Super Bowl Champions, National Champions and @NFL Hall of Famers. Committed to winning, establishing our XFL culture and growing the game of football. Wade Phillips Rod Woodson Bob Stoops Hines Ward Anthony Becht Jim Haslett Reggie Barlow And one of the greatest college football players of all time, and I’m singling him out because he’s an FSU guy - Terrell Buckley (Go Canes 🙌🏾😉) Appreciate our friends @espngreeny @getupespn & @ESPN for helping us launch our big news. Step by step we build. Welcome to the XFL. ~ dj Owner 🏈 #xfl2023
1 year ago
Ahead of TONIGHT’s #YoungRock season premiere, here’s a fun first look! Thank you so much guys for making us NBC’s #1 COMEDY! What a wild road I’ve traveled. Enjoy the show tonight!! #YOUNGROCK @8PM on @NBC @SevenBucksProd
1 year ago
@NBC ’s BIGGEST COMEDY returns as our YOUNG ROCK is back THIS TUESDAY!!! 🚨🌺💪🏾 My life has been and CONTINUES TO BE the most head shaking, wildest ride I could’ve EVER IMAGINED. I’m grateful to be able to share these life experiences (and lessons) with you and your families. And I know it sounds f*cking crazy but I wake up every day like I still have $7 bucks in my pocket. Funny how that psychological anchor have never gone away 🧠⚓️🧐 Mark your 🗓 & let’s have some fun! SEASON 2 PREMIERE TUES 8PM on @NBC @SevenBucksProd
1 year ago
To all @UFC fighters + coaches around the world 🌎💪🏾 My NEW @ProjectRock B.S.R.’s (blood, sweat, respect) were made FOR YOU. I’ve never had the honor of competing in the Octagon, but I’ve had the honor + privilege of electrifying in a @WWE ring as the People’s Champion as well as being THE hardest worker in the room. And that DNA of consistent, daily, nightly hard fucking work in the gym is what connects and bonds us all. Relentless work ethic & hunger. We’re honored to design and deliver our new B.S.R’s for all of you. The ones who walk the walk. ~ dj Founder Project Rock Official footwear of the UFC 👟👊🏾
1 year ago
I know it may sound crazy but I try to keep the hard times of the past in the forefront of my mind, because it allows me to live every day with a greater perspective, purpose and GRATITUDE. Thanks to my @NFL partners for making this punk kid’s football dream come true. Just stepping on the field with a mic 🎤 in hand. Fist bumps 🤜🏾 🤛🏾 all around. @XFL here we come! #dreamsaintjustfordreamers #hardestworkersintheroom #nfl #xfl @jonbrandoncruz 🎥
1 year ago