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Mana is all around us. No matter what color we are or where we come from. Its real. And if you really pay attention to it and embrace it… it becomes our shared superpower - all of us. It’s a force that disrupts the world in the most positive and electric way. #mana⚡️
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It’s true - “I’m pulling it out” are words I never say, what do ya want from me? Brotha’s keepin’ it real 💁🏽‍♂️😂   My favorite part is you can hear my lead publicist say “Jesus Chriiist” off camera 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣   Life’s short, let’s have fun 😂😈   Take 2 🎬 💀 @acorns #mightyoakcard * link in bio ☝🏾 

Dwayne Johnson is a director of Acorns Labs, LLC.
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We’re getting there 🎶 🎹 😂 We did sing other songs too but got stuck on “just the way you are” cos we (me) kept screwing up the lyrics. I gets a few @teremana ’s in me and start making up my own lyrics 🤣🥃 Some real musical talent and amazing voices here with @ericzayne & @laurenhashianofficial ! Happy thanksgiving weekend, my friends 🥃
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Don’t miss TONIGHT on CBS! Grateful to have been honored at tonight’s @theGrio Awards with the “Inspiration Award” Real privilege for me to share the night with these icons as we celebrate black excellence. Illuminating our leaders of color. Join the celebration TONIGHT at 8pm ET, on @CBStv and streaming live on @ParamountPlus . A special acknowledgement of my friend @realbyronallen who continues to raise the bar and redefine what success can be.
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A lil’ Thanksgiving tickling of the ivory’s 🎹 🎶 with the two beautiful voices and talents of @laurenhashianofficial & @ericzayne and me just making up lyrics to an all time classic 🥰🙋🏽‍♂️ @billyjoel 🐐
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Mentality shift from “I got to” to “I GET to” We get to work our assess off We get to take care of & protect our families We get to create opportunities for ourselves & others We get to look people in the eyes & shake their hands. We get to be kind We get to be nice We get to be authentic We get to live free We get to lift people up We even get to say “fuck this” when we’ve had enough The “get to” do something is a privilege Gratitude always calibrates the strongest. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to you and your families. Luv U and appreciate you Grateful to all of you Have some fun today ~ dj
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Rules are rules ✔️ Whoever drops cuss words in the Johnson household, must suffer the consequences of a nasty soaped up sponge in the mouth 🧼 🧽 Not surprisingly, the guilty one always happens to be Dwanta Claus 🎅🏾🤣🥃
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Chopping it up with @joerogan about the summer of ‘97 before I became “The Rock”, my name was “Rocky Maivia” - I just tore a ligament in my knee and my @wwe career was completely failing as a rookie babyface. I started to consider a career in MMA with a new started fighting company, called PRIDE in Japan — where the athletes were making some pretty big money. I thought I could take a year or so to commit to my MMA training and maybe I’d have shot. Maybe not. But I wanted to make some real money. At the end of that summer of ‘97 I was rehabbing my injured knee and got the call from Vince McMahon that wound up changing my life — he said I’m gonna bring you back BUT you’re gonna become a heel, join the Nation of Domination and call yourself The Rock. Thank God I got that call, because my career as an MMA fighter in PRIDE would’ve lasted all of 3 minutes because those guys would’ve knocked my fucking jaw across the pacific 😂💀 But the lesson of all this that I did learn, is that the most powerful thing you can be is yourself.
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Hot as hell today in the gym like a sauna, but great training session. We pushed hard and made progress. Been applying the “get to” philosophy lately when it comes to pushing myself, getting after it and raising the bar. And that mindset has really helped me calibrate my perspective and get even more focused. We “get to” put in the work As opposed to we “have to” Big difference you can apply to all areas of life in a positive way. Grateful for the grind. Have a productive week, my friends. *go super light on this chest finisher and squeeze the hell outta the reps. #GetToPhilosophy #ironparadise
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 Dwayne Johnson is a director of Acorns Labs, LLC.
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This is f’n crazy, cool & FUN 🤯🥃 The world’s greatest wax museum Madame Tussauds presents THREE NEW Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wax figures for a TOTAL OF NINE around the world 🌎 London Asia Vegas New York Hollywood Orlando And now… Berlin Amsterdam Dubai That’s A LOT of bald head, dirty jokes and tattoos 😂🙋🏽‍♂️ I love meeting my fans all around the world and my Madame Tussauds figures are the next best thing to connecting with you. It’s always my honor to work so closely with the awesome & talented Madame Tussaud team on every single Rock figure and its theme! Come join me at Madame Tussaud’s, let’s raise some mana together and say cheers to gratitude, good times, dirty jokes and nine Rock wax figures that are sure as hell much cooler than the real human himself. #ROCKSAroundTheWorld @madametussaudsamsterdam @tussaudsdubai @tussaudsberlin @madametussauds @madame_tussauds_orlando @madametussaudsusa
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A great hang with @joerogan for our 3 hour chat!! (we also had a kick ass workout for 3 hours earlier that morning 💪🏾) Here’s the life changing decision I made to not pursue pro football anymore and instead decide to pursue my true passion - pro wrestling. Which lead to a fucking massive and emotional fight with my dad over this decision. Months later, Pat Patterson (my wrestling mentor) would casually just say “keep working” when he came to watch me in the ring and evaluate my talent as I was training. Little I knew, he immediately called Vince McMahon and said “you gotta see this fucking kid”…. Months later Vince McMahon sends me to Memphis, Tennessee to learn the business of pro wrestling. I’ll never forget Vince’s parting words as I walked out of his office… “Hey, kid…. don’t go down to Memphis and cut your forehead up with razor blades” (slicing our foreheads with razor blades was how we bled during matches back in the day🩸) Crazy to look back on how it all started and the unpredictable roads I travelled. One word comes to mind: GRATEFUL. #joeroganexperience #goodtimes
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