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Beautiful night celebrating @bonberi ’s new book “Body Harmony” with a gorgeous dinner at @heimatclub ’s Mother Tongue — complete with plant-based dishes and @furtunaskin goodie bags.
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9 hours ago
Actress #MounaTraoré – who enjoys writing as a form of self-expression – has returned to working on personal projects of her own. Years ago, she&#039 ;d launched an independent production company "The Mini Films" with a friend to support emerging talent. "I knew so many talented people who I thought needed a platform and an opportunity," Traoré remembers. "With a partner, we decided to create a company where we would try to do something about it." Through The Mini Films, Traoré wrote and produced two short films including 2015&#039 ;s "Adorn." While she&#039 ;s since dissolved the company, she says, "It gave me the experience and the understanding of what I want to do on a bigger level for the next stage of my journey as a creator." "It feels important to go back to my work as a filmmaker and a writer and to redefine what the next steps are," Traoré says. "I&#039 ;ve been so focused on one part of my career and I think now more than ever, I&#039 ;m feeling like I need to do more on the other side of the camera." Read more at Words by @lindzischarf . Photos by @birds_eye_photo .
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1 day ago
"My life and my journey cannot be encapsulated by images that you see on Instagram or soundbites that you hear in an interview," The Porter star @_mounatraore insists. "There is so much hard work, struggle, and pain that has gone into building my resume and having these experiences on set.” Read more at
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4 days ago
“Malick Sidibé is a Malian photographer who is quite famous; this is a book that has ties to part of my culture,” actress @_mounatraore explains. “I love Deana Lawson’s work. I love Noah Davis&#039 ;s work. I’ve seen their work in galleries and exhibitions. There is a beautiful picture of one of Deana Lawson’s prints in this book. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of that.” See more at Photos by @birds_eye_photo . Words by @lindzischarf .
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6 days ago
Read’s feature on @_mounatraore . The @theporter_series star discusses her journey as an actress and why she’s become a mental health advocate. Words by @lindzischarf . Photography by @birds_eye_photo . #umbrellaacademy #theporter #actress #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #losangeles
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7 days ago
Beautiful art fills @rachelpally ’s home. Take a closer look at And on 9/20 we’re unveiling our latest subject. Stay tuned!
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8 days ago
Designer @rachelpally ’s husband Kevin Circosta is also in the fashion business. As the founder of @freeandeasy , Circosta’s brand has a slew of stylish fans including #LeBronJames , @hshq , and @johnmayer . While the duo’s clothing companies and their demographics couldn’t be further from one another, the brands complement each other as perfectly as the couple itself. While Pally’s label is focused on the easygoing Cali girl who “just woke up this way,” Free & Easy’s pieces are a nod to the state’s surf, skate, and sports culture. In short, it’s easy to envision the Pally customer dating a Free & Easy dude – mainly because both brands are organic extensions of their founders and share a relaxed, quintessential California ease. Circosta says he&#039 ;s only scratched the surface of what he hopes to accomplish with Free & Easy. “I feel like I&#039 ;ve cracked open a little world for myself, but by no means am I anywhere near getting through that,” he says. “I can&#039 ;t wait to see where it goes from here.” Fun fact: The couple met in pre-school and their L.A. love story is the stuff romantic comedies and meet-cutes are made of. Read more at Photo by @birds_eye_photo . Words by @lindzischarf .
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11 days ago
Closet confessions! “I’m constantly purging my closet,” designer @rachelpally says. “I’m not attached to stuff unless it’s meaningful. I feel like it’s nice to refresh your space.”
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12 days ago
Behind-the-scenes of next week’s feature on @_mounatraore with beautiful photography by @birds_eye_photo and words by @lindzischarf .
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13 days ago
Designer @rachelpally is a fan of ceramics. While she often creates her own pottery, these particular vintage pieces were found at a flea market years ago. Take a closer look at Photo by @birds_eye_photo .
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15 days ago is focused on creatives, but enjoy this trip down memory lane from our founder @lindzischarf ’s first website “Lindzi’s Page of Insanity” with @britneyspears , @xtina , @joshgroban , @mandymooremm , @rachaelleighcook , @joeymcintyre , and @milalkunis . #teenagedirtbag #teenagedirtbagchallenge #mandymoore #christinaaguilera #joshgroban #joeymcintyre #milakunis #rachaelleighcook
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26 days ago
Designer @rachelpally has found it helps to have hobbies outside of her business and enjoys creating pottery. “It [is] nice to make something that isn’t for my job and that doesn&#039 ;t have to be monetized,” she says. “Getting out of your head and making things where it doesn&#039 ;t matter if it&#039 ;s great, it just can be an experiment [is] so healthy.” Read more at Words by @lindzischarf . Photos by @birds_eye_photo .
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26 days ago