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New episodes Mondays & Wednesdays! 🥂👯‍♀️ We’re going on tour!! 🎤 LA-San Fran-NYC ✈️ Link in bio for tickets! 🎟️ Leave a message 833-GARCIA2 📞
Have you ever taken an ancestry test? Comment below if you were shocked by your results! Out NOW on all podcast platforms!
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The @thenikkiandbrieshow is hitting the road! Tickets for LA, SF, and NY avialable now! #MomsGoneWildTour #SMACFAM
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Parenting is all about compromise and balance, can’t give 100% all of the time. Listen to this week’s new episode out NOW! Link in bio.
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The hair episode…ballroom dancer’s hair is just a different level 😂
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⛷️ Skiing to school? Now that’s a new one. Catch up now wherever you get your podcasts!
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The Bryan and Artem Show! 🤝 Today the husbands take on the hot seat in celebration of Father’s Day coming up. Getting into the joys of parenthood, parenting philosophies, and even their own childhoods, we learn more about how @bryanldanielson and @theartemc ’s past has molded them into the parents they are today. Out NOW, listen to wherever you get your podcasts ❤️. #FathersDay
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Is it time for a new memoir? 👀 Catch up now wherever you get your podcasts!
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“In a solo episode one can truly express themselves”.  Should @Nikkigarcia and @Brie do more solo episodes in the future? Out NOW on all podcast platforms!
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A message to a 10-year-old Brie ❤️ Beautiful episode today @brie . Listen to Today’s episode out NOW. Link in bio 💕.
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Brie One on One 🧚‍♀️    Happy Monday Bonita Army ❤️ Today’s episode is 100% @Brie being capable to inspire! Brie was open and shares her feelings and advice she would give her younger self, embracing new experiences and answering some of YOUR questions!!! New episode OUT NOW, listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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Life and work can really get in the way of self-expression and care. Writing these poems was very therapeutic for @Brie and @Nikkigarcia .  Who else joined in on the Poetry fun?! Comment below with your best line!  Listen to this Monday’s episode out NOW, link in bio.
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Sometimes, your dream home is 15 minutes away from your current one 🥴
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