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Life is beautiful even when it's not. Through our images we can connect and create together. What if this is as good as it gets?
Today is National Siblings Day. Allison is my little sister that died when I was 16, and she just shy of her 13th. We were like twins 4 years apart except she had blonder hair, bluer eyes, and longer legs She was supposed to be my ride or die, my bury-the-bodies-buddy 👯 Claudia Evart, the woman who conceived the holiday, grew up with an older brother and sister. They both died within 4 years of each other, ages 19 & 17. We forever miss the relationships tragically cut short. 🫶💕#nationalsiblingsday #twins #loveforever #sisters
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1 month ago
I think I like this little life 💙 Washington has so much beauty in every day movements. Today in W Seattle enjoying fish and chips at Spuds and sunning my face while the ferry went back and forth. Great day with a precious friend 💙 #westseattlelife #beautifulwashington this little #lifeisgood
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2 months ago
California - you welcome me with open arms and direct me to care for those with open hearts. I have THE BEST job ever and I feel such gratitude 🙏🏻 @jenpastiloff you can’t get rid of me after what? 8 years now? Always the most beautiful souls we get to care for. Come visit - retreat with @realhenryczerny here 🥂 for a moment…💛 It’s hard to say goodbye, for now, but this is what I come home to #PNW #islandbeauty #nevergetsold #homesweerhome #faerieland #massagetherapy
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2 months ago
Happy Valentines Day to me 🌹 Thank you my Love ❤️
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3 months ago
🎶 you can’t rush your healing so might as well walk amongst the fall leaves know I’ve got you as “Love never leaves” 🍁 🍁🍁#fallvibes #islandlife #massagetherapy #natureheals
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6 months ago
Went for a 10min walk down to our beautiful beach. Watched the fish jumping out of the water taunting all the people fishing off-shore. #islandbeauty #sunset #fishing
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8 months ago
Temporary goodbye to my island and hello California. I’ll miss your beauty seen at every turn.
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9 months ago
All in all is all we are … rest now in the power you never backed away from 🙏🏻
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9 months ago
Cool-Cat vibes 😻
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9 months ago
Who needs fireworks? Sunset on our beach and just in time to turn the corner and catch it at the lake too #happy4th #fireworks #sunset
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10 months ago
And this is why I don’t dread the grocery stop on my way home after a long day 🐄 🏔 #islandvibes #beautyaddict
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11 months ago
Kitty verses Raccoon (Sound on)
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11 months ago