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NATURE LOVER It’s autumn leaves week for our home ed focus, and on this mornings nature walk I took supplies to make leaf crowns… obviously only @montysplayhub and I wanted to make them, the kids were too busy exploring together 🤣 I just love being outside, noticing the colours, sounds & smells and moving my body. I wore mine for the whole time, and just pulled up a few mins early to set up for The Birth Circle this evening wearing it for tonight’s session! A reminder to get out in nature, to connect with our earth, your baby’s earth, the world we benefit so much from but often under appreciate. Benefits of time outside in nature during pregnancy include: 🍁A feeling of connection to the wider world, nature and cycles of life. 🍁Reducing stress hormone levels - stress hormones hinder labour and make it a more challenging job. Reducing them for you also means baby is enjoying lower levels via the placenta too. 🍁Awakening your senses, helping you consider which ones will help or hinder during your birth. 🍁Increased vitamin D helps your body absorb and use calcium, important for both yours and your baby’s bone health. 🍁 Boosting your immune system, which in turn boosts your baby’s as antibodies cross through the placenta. If you’d like to join us next week, there are just 2 spaces available and you can DM me or head to the website to book on. Steph x #naturelover #naturecrown #flowercrown #pregnancy #naturalpregnancy #pregnancyrelaxation #timeinbature #pregnancybenefits #preggo #babybump #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #gestationaldiabetes #highriskpregnancy #highriskhomebirth #homebirth #orgasmicbirth #positiveinduction #empoweredbirth #doulasupport #essexdoula #homebirthdoula #gentlecaesarean #leighonsea #southendonsea #westcliffonsea #hockley #rayleigh #wickford #benfleet
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HOLISTIC PREGNANCY CLASS Suitable for all stages of pregnancy, from first trimester to ‘due any day’! A dreamy mix of empowering antenatal education, birth conversation, relaxation and connection with yourself, your baby, and other women walking the path to motherhood just like you. This week we will be focussing on you building a connection with your baby, you might already feel that physical and emotional connection but it can always be deepened. It’s also common for women to come to the circle feeling a deep longing to build this connection; our lives are often busy, if this isn’t your first baby you’ll also likely have noticed that you’ve had far less time to think about your growing baby and upcoming birth compared to last time. The Birth Circle is the perfect weekly prompt to slow down, breathe and connect. And when you’re connected to your body and your baby, you can navigate your pregnancy and birth more intuitively meaning less stress and more love! Last week we used watercolours to create affirmations, this week we will be discussing belly mapping and separating from your baby after their birth 💫 Only a couple of spaces left, you can book by dropping me a DM or heading to the website Steph x #thebirthcircle #antenatalclass #doulaworkshop #doulasupport #holdingspace #womenscircle #pregnancycircle #pregnancyclass #leighonsea #mumtobe #southendonsea #rayleigh #benfleet #chalkwell #leighmums #mumfriends #holisticpregnancy #naturalbirth #gentlecaesarean #prenatalbomding #babybump #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #naturalpregnancy #homebirth #waterbirth #highriskpregnancy
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TRY PHYSIOLOGICAL BIRTH! Oxytocin and beta-endorphins are key hormones in labour and birth - they create your uterine surges, offer pain relief, feelings of safety and time distortion, as well as making birth safer for you and your baby. They also happen to be the hormones of love, connection, ecstasy and bliss which activate the dopamine reward system, releasing natural opiates into the brain creating intense and addictive feelings of positivity and pleasure! During orgasm, research has shown that women’s oxytocin levels often DOUBLE, and that the higher the level of oxytocin, the stronger the orgasm. In a physiological (spontaneously starting, unmedicated and uninterrupted) labour, oxytocin levels steadily rise to around 3-4 times their usual leaves by the time the pushing reflex kicks in. Your baby is also benefiting from the increased levels as natural oxytocin (unlike the synthetic version offered intravenously in hospital) crosses the placenta offering baby the same feel good benefits you enjoy. In the Golden Hour after a physiological birth, oxytocin levels have been shown to be as high as TEN TIMES their usual norm… the greatest peak you’re ever likely to experience, no matter how good your partner is in bed 🙊 This makes perfect biological sense - this hour is known to be a critical time for mother-baby bonding, breastfeeding initiation, birthing the placenta (low oxytocin levels = greater risk of heavy bleeding), and generally stepping into maternal behaviours which would once have been critical for infant survival! Some medications including synthetic oxytocin, epidural and opiate based pain relief interfere with the production of these hormones and disturb the experience, that’s not to say they don’t have a time & place, but part of making your informed choices is understanding that in taking with one hand, you may be giving with the other. If you’d like to work towards a physiological birth but don’t yet know how you’ll cope - get in touch so I can help remove the fear, and show you just how many tools you have at your disposal for thriving during your natural birth! Steph x #oxytocinhigh #orgasm #betterthananorgasm #naturalbirth
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MONDAY’S 8:00-9.30 @themovementbase I’m a firm believer that you should get your antenatal education independent from the NHS. In my own experience and that of clients, it can be hard to get unbiased information and support from NHS classes taught by the very care providers constrained by hospital policies and expectations! One of my clients recently described it as ‘antenatal grooming’ as they felt they were being given half a story to gain their compliance when the day came, which resonated with me… lots of assumptions that you’ll be going in to hospital to give birth, being told that things like the MLBU / birth pool / homebirth are only available if you’re ‘low risk’ and that ‘you’ll have to….’ at a certain time point or because of a certain risk factor etc. What you need is information, support and nuanced conversation about risks, benefits and your gut feelings! Here at Supernova, all of the information and support I share is evidence based and independent - I have no vested interest in the choices you make, other than genuinely caring that they’re the right ones for YOU! Many of my clients make different choices to the ones I did / might make in the same circumstances. I support them fully because it is their body, baby and choice! Many of my clients choose to birth outside of hospital policy - it isn’t law, it isn’t always evidence based and cannot be best for every person giving birth! But many are also happy to go with what is offered, I support them fully and offer many tools to use in their circumstances. Many of my clients come to me for their second+ pregnancy, and feel that in ‘doing as they were told’ last time, they had a birth which was harder on them and their baby than needed. You can join us Mondays at The Birth Circle for empowering antenatal education, powerful labour tools and health boosting relaxation. Investment just £99 for 6 sessions Booking link is in my bio Steph x #antenatalclass #antenataleducation #birth #thebirthcircle #pregnancy #pregnancyannouncement #healingbirth #birthtrauma #independentantenataleducation #birthkeeper #doula #ownyourbirth #hypnobirthing #homebirth #highriskpregnancy #mumfriends
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EARLY LABOUR It’s common to wonder what you should do when labour starts. Its usually at home (unless you’ve gone in to be induced - in which case these tips are still relevant!) and it rarely unfolds fast enough to have a midwife come straight out to you at home, or to be welcomed onto the MLBU/Labour Ward. This can feel scary for some expectant parents, often more so the support parent, as we don’t always know what to expect or do. Ultimately what you should do is pause and tune into what your mind and body are telling you to do. Depending on the time of day or night, that may be to rest, walk, bathe, meditate, call a loved one, or finally pack the birth bag you’ve been putting off for just one more day 😆 But here are 3 things I think everyone should be doing during early labour when drawn to: 💫 Breathing - taking even just a few minutes to focus on your breath, to slow it down and turn your attention inwards will hugely help in early labour. You’ll be maximising your oxytocin release, increasing relaxation and minimising pain! You’re building time distorting hormones and allowing your ‘thinking brain’ to slowly turn off - perfect for labour! 💫 Resting - but wisely. Now isn’t the time for slouching back on the sofa, get comfy in a position which opens the pelvis allowing baby to put pressure on your cervix, continuing the flow of labour hormones and helping them move into your pelvis most easily. Sleep, breathe, listen to music or an audiobook, have your partner snuggle or massage you or simply relax your body between surges. 💫 Eat & Drink - labour is a marathon of sorts, it could well go on for many hours. Your body can manage that, as can your mind, but only well you’re taking care of them both! On top of breathing and resting, staying hydrated and keeping your energy levels up are vital to labour going well. If you’re out of energy, you’re going to find every surge or every push more challenging and disheartening. Carb load in early labour if you fancy a proper meal, or focus on energy dense foods like dried fruit, nuts, crackers, flapjack etc as well as drinking plenty. For more tips, follow or follow the link in my bio to book a class! Steph x
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AFFIRMATION Hypnobirthing and high quality birth prep don’t make birth ‘easy’, and that’s not because it’s rubbish, but because it doesn’t need to make it easy. Birth is rarely easy Birth is rarely pain free Birth is powerful Birth is transformative and YOU can do hard things You’ve done them before and you’ll do them again, so don’t do yourself the disservice of telling yourself you won’t be able to birth your baby! For support on your journey, get in touch today. 1:1 workshops, group sessions at @themovementbase and birth doula support available. Steph x #birthaffirmations #birthplanning #birthpartner #womensrestrong #youcanbirthyourbaby #vaginalbirth #naturalbirth #hormones #pregnancy #preggo #naturalparenting #freebirth #homebirth #youvegotthis #womensupportingwomen #birthdoula #doula #doulalife #baby #love #family #essex #essexmumtobe #bump #babyscan #genderreveal #mothersblessing #ancestralknowledge #hypnobirthing #empoweredbirthproject
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DID YOU KNOW BIRTH COULD LOOK LIKE THIS? Steph x #Repost @gentleseeddoulas What a beautiful unhurried emergence of baby…no counting, no instructions to pull her legs back and hold her breath…no dragging out of her perineum…the pushing stage can be quiet and reverent of what is about to unfold. ❤️ #Repost @firstcoastmidwifery ・・・ #midwife #midwives #midwifery #birth #labor #pregnancy #pregnant #waterbirth #birthcenter #birthcenterbirth #birthvideo #naturalbirth #peacefulbirth #empowered #doula #born #birthpool #hypnobirth The peace in the room was palpable ❤️ Midwife Sam recorded and is the voice in the background. @simplysharon_studentmidwife caught baby Silas. Mia and Brittney were also there in support. #leighonsea #benfleetessex #brentwoodessex #rayleighessex #essexmums #doula
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FEEDBACK This first time mum shared her thoughts on how she felt after spending 6 weeks at The Birth Circle. It’s normal to have worries about doing something for the first time, especially when that ‘thing’ is moving from maiden to mother, and bringing your baby safely into the world. I can’t offer you ‘the perfect formula’ for birth, because we are all so unique that there isn’t one. But I can offer you information and tools to shift your mindset to a more positive one, and help you take the steps needed to influence your birth going through way you’re hoping and planning for! The Birth Circle is back Monday evening at @themovementbase 8.00-9.30pm Join us if you’re over feeling anxious and confused about birth, and want to feel more in control and capable… because you are! Steph x #thebirthcircle #womensupportingwomen #empoweredbirth #firsttimemum #firstbaby #babyboy #fearfreebirth #howtohaveababy #whattoexpectwhenyoureexpecting #parentclass #antenatalclass #holisticpregnancycare #essexdoula #essexmaternityphotographer #bumpupdate #preggo #preggolife #cantseemyfeet #dueinnovember #dueindecember #essexmums #leighonseamums #southendonsea #loveleigh #hippymama #gentleparent #breastfeeding #naturalbirth #homebirth #midwiferyledcare
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❤️ MEET THE OSTEOPATH ❤️ @christie_osteopath will be bringing you a wealth of information about caring for your pregnant body, why movement in labour is so critical and guiding you through a gentle and pregnancy safe movement workshop at The Secret Garden Pregnancy Retreat. She’s an award winning osteopath and naturopath, and a mama focussed on a creating a safe and natural birth and parenting experience where possible. She has experience in coping with labour not going to plan (winter homebirth with no heating or hot water 🤔 sounds like a change of birthplace is in order - but that takes courage and a positive mindset! She can tell you how she handled it if you ask!) For the retreat day to go ahead, we need a minimum number of bookings which hadn’t yet been met, so if you’re planning to come, please do book on so we can get cooking, crafting and setting up a gorgeous space for your to breeeeeathe and prepare for your upcoming birth ❤️ Steph x #pregnancyretreat #pregnancyselfie #pregnancyosteopathy #osteopath #naturalmama #naturalwellness #holisticpregnancy #activelabour #pregnancyexercise #pregnancyyoga #pregnancynutrition #laboursnacks #birthplan #birthpositions #mumtobe #expectantparents #firsttimemum #mumsneedtlc #doula #birthdoula #doulauk #essexdoula #hockleymums #leighonseamums #essexmums
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BACK ON MONDAY 🤰suitable for any stage of pregnancy 👭 make connections for pregnancy and parenthood 💫 tune in to your baby, and innate birthing needs 💪 learn powerful birth tools which allow labour work as it should 🧘‍♀️ time for self reflection and guided relaxation - proven to make pregnancy and birth both safer and more enjoyable 🎨 mindful craft for your best birth 🎶 music and chanting for the soul 🍫 nourishing snacks and drinks 6 weeks membership is just £99 (payment plans available), making it the most affordable way to access my extensive knowledge of how childbirth works, and how to navigate the maternity system! For an extra £40 you get an hour of birth planning time with me online, with your birth partner too! Spaces available for Monday - booking link is in my bio. Steph x #pregnancy #pregnancycircle #womenscircle #preparingforbaby #hypnobirthing #pregnancywellness #pregnancycare #doula #doulasupport #preggolife #babybump #bumpupdate #20weekscan #holisticpregnancy #gentlebirth #hormonesoflabour #newbaby #essexmums #essexmumstobe #leighonsea #loveleigh #childbirthclass #antenatalclass #mumfriends
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