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Meet St. Ives refreshing Daily Facial Cleansers! Made with 100% natural extracts and refreshing gel texture, cleanse and glow up everyday! 🍑Refresh & Glow with Glowing Apricots Cleanser 🌼Cleanse & Calm with Soothing Chamomile Cleanser 🌿Manage blemishes with Blemish Care Tea Tree Cleanser 🍉Cleanse & Hydrate with Hydrating Watermelon Cleanser Get yours from Watsons online to enjoy 15% off (members get extra 5% off) today! #CleanseGlowDaily #TurnUpTheGlow #StivesDailyCleanser #stivesmy #watsonsmy
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3 months ago
✨NEW! Introducing the range of St. Ives Daily Facial Cleansers, made with 100% natural extracts to leave your skin hydrated & glowing ☺️ Formulated with a refreshing gel texture, it gently removes dirt, oil & impurities while making your skin feel refreshed. Available in 4 wonderful variants that suits different skin types : 🧡 Glowing Apricot ❤️ Hydrating Watermelon 💚 Blemish care Tea Tree 💛 Soothing Chamomile Hurry & Grab yours at Watsons online now to enjoy 10% off (members get extra 5% off) #CleanseGlowDaily #TurnUpTheGlow #StivesDailyCleanser #stivesmy #watsonsmy
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4 months ago
Feel a little bit low energy and need a pick-me-up? Spritz a little ZING! Have a #StivesFaceMistMY made with 100% natural hydrator to not only hydrate your skin but also to spark up your mood ⚡️
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4 months ago
Need an instant hydration and mood boost? 100% natural hydrator from #StivesFaceMistMY will get you that extra ZING! of energy, or choose YAAAS when you just want to match the good vibe. Want something to calm you down? spray a little OHMMM for that hydrating and zen feeling.
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4 months ago
Getting yourself ready for the day? Spritz a little YAAAS to lift up your mood and hydrate the skin with 100% natural hydrator so your make up sets better! Have a #StIvesFaceMistMY for an instant boost of happy 💖
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4 months ago
Repeat after us: EXFOLIATE, MASK, REPEAT!! 🔁 Exfoliating with St. Ives face scrub helps to buff away dead skin cells to prep your skin for more effective absorption for our St. Ives sheet mask application afterwards. Now that's an easy 2-step routine to give you a healthy cleansed glowing skin! ✨ Pick up your favourite scrub & mask from both @watsonsmy and @guardianmy today! #TurnUpTheGlow
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6 months ago
Get your boost of happy as we bring nature closer to you! Our face scrubs are made with 100% natural exfoliants and extracts, while our super hydrating face masks are made with 100% natural cotton. Sit back, relax and enjoy the glow! Get yours today at @watsonsmy and @guardianmy . ✨ #TurnUpTheGlow
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6 months ago
What are your glow time essentials? Besides a good night’s rest for healthy looking skin, up that glow factor with a St. Ives face scrub! The ultra fine walnut shell powder in our scrubs helps to stimulate blood flow and buff away dullness for a fresh glowy complexion! 🥰✨ Hurry and grab them now at @watsonsmy and @guardianmy . 😜 #TurnUpTheGlow
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6 months ago
Bingeing on K-dramas or checking out your favourite oppas on IG too often? Too much screen time can lead to dull skin! 😣 Take a break and maintain glowing skin with our St. Ives scrub and mask* routine by buffing away dullness and sealing in hydration for a brighter glow! ✨✨ Shop our face scrubs at both @watsonsmy and @guardianmy . *Sheet mask exclusively at @guardianmy ! #TurnUpTheGlow
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7 months ago
St. Ives gotcha back for those pesky Mask-ne. Don't know what's that? They are blemishes from wearing your face mask for prolonged period of time! Reduce blemishes and prevent breakouts with the St. Ives Acne Control Apricot face scrub. Our scrub lifts away all impurities and dirt for fresher than fresh skin! ✨ Shop now from @watsonsmy and @guardianmy ! #TurnUpTheGlow
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7 months ago
We know how busy our glow getters can be, but dont forget to take care of your skin. Try multitask... or should we say multi-mask? Mask-party while catching up with your girlfriends on video call or masking while yogaing! Let us know how it goes in the comment box below! Double the glow, double the fun! WEEHOO! 😃 #TurnUpTheGlow with St. Ives sheet mask today!
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7 months ago
Enjoy a gentle scrub and mask session with St. Ives Oatmeal face scrub for healthy glowing skin while staying at home. Your skin will thank you for this mini self-care treat!✨ Shop now from @watsonsmy , @guardianmy and @shopeemy ! #TurnUpTheGlow #GlowAtHome
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8 months ago