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Starlight creates the fun, play & laughter seriously ill & hospitalised children need to get through tough times because we know #HappinessMatters ⭐️
🤩Around the hospital, two-year-old Harry is known as 'Happy Harry.' Little Harry’s happy demeanour is remarkable given his short life has been one full of hospitals and painful and invasive treatments. 💛 At just five weeks old, doctors found a large cancerous tumour growing on his brain. As a newborn baby, Harry endured an extremely tough recovery from the surgery to remove his brain cancer. 💜As he spent months recovering in hospital, little Harry was dealt another blow and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, caused by his tumour. 🚀During his time in hospital, Captain Starlight helped Harry through the pain of his ordeal. As he has become older, the Starlight Express Room has emerged as a safe space for Harry, full of fun and laughter, where he can escape the world of needles and treatments for a while. “No hospital trip is complete without a visit to Captain Starlight and the Starlight Express Room!” says Harry’s dad Adam. “Knowing Harry would have fun, and have happy memories associated with his time in hospital made each visit easier. Not only for Harry but also us as parents.” 💫
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2 days ago
Meet Lori – One of our Livewire Facilitators both with our in-hospital program and online at! 👋💛 Lori has been a Livewire Facilitator for 10 years, and although the Livewire program and community has truly evolved during this time, Lori quotes the essence of the role remains the same - “Providing safe, fun spaces where young people are seen as themselves.” 🙏 Lori’s favourite thing about the role? The young people we engage with through Livewire! “They are so creative, resilient, funny and thoughtful. I learn so much from interacting with them and they never fail to make me laugh.”
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When he was told he was to be granted a Starlight Wish, Will knew exactly what he wanted to do.... ✨ Will wanted to train with the Wallabies! ✨ A fantastic opportunity to meet Starlight Ambassador Jed Holloway @justjed12 , learn the hottest tips and tricks off the players and even sit in on the Wallabies team photo! Thank you to @rugbyau for helping Will’s Starlight Wish come true in a big way! 🤩
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⭐ Rosie’s snake-themed Starlight Wish was a shining light for the whole family… 💜 “Rosie’s diagnosis has always been a part of her life. After almost losing her, having her in our lives makes everything worth it for us. We admire her strength, resilience and tenacity everyday, and it means so much to all of us to be able to celebrate the excitement of her Starlight Wish with her.“ – Rosie’s parents Tiffany and Mark. Amidst the trauma of her surgery and rehabilitation, Rosie was told she would be granted a Starlight Wish…. and she knew immediately what to ask for – the opportunity to get up and close and personal with her favourite animal….🐍 Snakes! ✨ Check out how much fun Rosie and her family on this extra special Starlight Wish!
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8 days ago
🤩🏊 We’re halfway through Super Swim 2024! @starlightsuperswim 👏 It has been fantastic watching all our challengers take the plunge for sick kids, kicking goals and having fun! 💜 We’ve also loved welcoming our incredible Starlight and Super Swim ambassadors into the Starlight Express Room like Sam Fricker to bring some joy to sick kids in hospital. 💛 There’s still plenty of time to support Super Swim by donating, which will go towards brightening the lives of sick kids across the country. 💦💦 Visit today 💦💦 @sam.fricker
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The day Amon got to meet his idol 💛💜 ✨⚔️ As one of Thor’s biggest fans, Amon requested for his Starlight Wish to meet @ChrisHemsworth so they could chat together about all things Marvel! 🙏 Thank you, Chris, for creating such a positive experience for Amon and his family and making his Starlight Wish one to remember!
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👀 What if we told you there was a way to enjoy snacks while helping brighten the lives of sick kids? Introducing the limited edition Thins & Starlight Cheddar Cheese Chips! 👏 And who better than our Starlight team members to be official taste testers? 🧀🚀 Hear what the team had to say about the cheesy goodness helping to bring smiles to sick kids in hospital right around the country!
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11 days ago
🚀 Captain Starlight presents live and interactive fun for kids in hospital Australia that is out of this world… 🤳📸 Live and fully interactive, Planet Starlight connects kids unable to visit a Starlight Express Room with all the fun of Captain Starlight - from any hospital in Australia, at any time of the day! 💜💛Each weekday, Captain Starlight hosts an incredible four interactive and entertaining shows per day. Every show is completely lead by the kids watching in real time, meaning the fun is always fresh and completely out of this world! ⭐ Visit .au today! ⭐
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🤩 Who said hospital can’t be fun!? 💪 Through play, creativity, and social connection, we create the fun and happiness seriously ill children and their families need to get through their toughest times. ✨ Starlight programs... ✨ 💜 Transform the hospital and healthcare experience of kids and young people across Australia. 💜 Connect kids, teens and families, helping to overcome the social isolation associated with serious illness. 💜 Entertain by providing moments of positive disruption which help to replace pain, boredom and stress, with joy, laughter and fun.
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🧸 What a cele-bear-tion! Stuffed animals right around the country made their way to Starlight Express Rooms to bring fun, joy and positive distraction to sick kids. 🚀 Build-A-Bear Workshop Australia have been fundraising for Starlight with their charity hearts program, which has allowed this 🐾 paw-some experience for sick kids in hospital. ⭐ And the impact was immense! ⭐ One of our Starlight Hospital Program Managers shared “A mother told us her daughter was meant to go home the day before but took a turn in the night. Rather than focus on another night in hospital being a negative – it was a positive because it meant she could go to the Build-a-Bear workshop.” 💛💜 You can see from the beaming smiles; it was a day stuffed with fun!
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16 days ago
⭐🐶 When Starlight team members Molly & Tayla learned of the opportunity to help grant this extra special Starlight Wish, they knew they were the ones for the job! ​ ​ The pair had the important responsibility of escorting the ever-so-cute Marshall to his fuuuuurever home.🏡 💜💛 Ensuring to give plenty of cuddles along the journey, Molly and Tayla were overjoyed to see the instant happiness Marshall’s arrival brought to the Wish Child and left with such full hearts knowing this wish will continue to brighten the life of this child every day!​
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17 days ago
👏 It’s not every day @sixersbbl visit the Starlight Express Room…. 🏏⭐From trick shots, celebrity heads and Q&A’s, there were plenty of smiles when these cricketing superstars came in for some fun with kids in hospital.
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20 days ago