Life is hard but make it worth 🌹 & to anyone who is now checking my ig.. remember you are beautiful & good enough.
As a young women i want to relate to characters and listen to those who really care and are doing their jobs right while being aware that they have a platform and a voice and they can lead & educate people while they are also learning through all this . But In our country(India)people are taking this powerful platform as a joke and only money making business, as Indian cinema and tv shows has failed us and this generation i have already stopped watching the shows and movies from Indian entertainment industry a long time ago even the "celebrities are fake and don't bother about portraying right things and engaging with world problems to educate the fans who follow and idolise them where on the other side of world where you three Incredible human beings @aishtray @thekatiestevens @meghannfahy are really working hard and educating yourself and people what is important and right with whatever means you can most importantly your show and your input in the show as engaging with writers to tell your point of view because you feel it's important to make a change to make this world a better place to live.THANKYOU from bottom of my heart🙏🌹🙂 #theboldtype #followthosewhoreallymatters #loveislove #happiness #life #love🏳️‍🌈 @theboldtypetv @freeform
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3 years ago
There are certain piece of shit on this planet who need to be educated. #peace #love #happiness #sunshines #smile #life #happy #nothingelsematter
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7 years ago
Make sure you're okay.
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7 years ago
Complete in your own way.
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7 years ago
Go away exmzzsss..
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7 years ago
Kindness should be like Air ~
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7 years ago
Music is you & you are music... ☆
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7 years ago