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Tripping on skies, sipping waterfalls
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5 months ago
POV: Overworked and stressed James Potter
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5 months ago
Halloween night may be gone but spooky season is all year round materinos Recreation of @gimme.gimme .moore 's Halloween look
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6 months ago
Recreating a red look to drive the blues away
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6 months ago
Here's to the memories we made at 8 AM, stumbling through the parking lot as we dashed to class, asking each other whether we completed our sheets for the day. To the 12 PMs, as we crowded over plates of Gobi Manchurian and waited for the day's end. To the 3 PMs, scrambling for our backpacks or spreading old BCM sheets across our board. To the the 5 PMs, sipping chai and laughing at the day's events. To the 10 PMs, wondering what to order for dinner as we do nightouts and talk about how much more work we have left. To all the days skipping classes as a whole, making beautiful pieces of art together, and ribbing each other over things we may have heard and laughed about. To the Ballistic Bs.
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8 months ago
Eid birthday ayay
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9 months ago
"Let's end on a high note, baby" Vanilla sponge cake with dark chocolate glaze and sugar crystals
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Mehendi laga ke rakhna #saifrumwedding
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Two clowns vibing
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1 year ago
o c e a n s a l t
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1 year ago
The fam coming for you in 2020
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we'll take the highway to heaven
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1 year ago