Check out the view with @josh.morrison_ Thanks for tagging us in your 📸!
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1 day ago
Take a look and have a read on the setup @electromancer used to capture unique sounds in this A-frame house. Thanks for tagging us!
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2 days ago
Another great use for a PCS quick release with @audio412 . Insider tip … you can buy the PCS-Lite version for this application and save a little cash and get the same click. Thanks for tagging us!
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6 days ago
At Parc National des Calanques with @pablodiserens capturing blowhole sounds. Thanks for tagging us in your 📸!
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11 days ago
Check out @4udio.alex on location in Austria.
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13 days ago
Check out @watsonwustudios new stand with our PCS quick release. Hopefully he keeps the cars from running over this setup. 😉
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15 days ago
In 2018 Rycote joined the Vitec Group bringing with us a 50-year professional heritage in the broadcast audio industry. We are excited to announce that we have now been joined at Vitec by Audix. Audix is based in the US and brings a 37-year history of making best in class microphones and audio products for the music industry. We’re excited to kick off 2022 by adding even more audio innovation for the most demanding audio & sound professional and content creators.
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16 days ago
Check out @soundscape_studios prep station. Thanks for sharing your 📸!
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1 month ago
On location with @soon_soon23 . Thanks for tagging us in your 📸!
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1 month ago
@mwengineer working with turkeys (no pun intended … maybe?) Thanks for sharing your 📸!
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2 months ago
Underground recording with @stljth . Thanks for tagging us in your 📸!
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2 months ago
New boom op helping @alesalva87 . Thanks for tagging us in your 📸!
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2 months ago