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Pour la personne qui a essayé de brûler tous mes textes. Et d'autres. 👋🏻 TRANSLATION ⬇️ See the heart wrapped in my ivory white sheets And the mind that falls asleep in an illusory wish. The stars whisper frivolous faces to me; My ear gets angry and the smile disappears. I lick my knife: on the weapon, a soft reflection, Muffled complaints and an ugly face. I tasted the torture and the hopes poured out So many nights, but our roles are reversed. I no longer have pity, don't hope for my goodness: I become animal – I have no cruelty Than the tormented cries of a vengeful soul Nourishing my visions in a dark intoxication. At the end of the night I'll lie down alone, Like you, in a dream, in the silk of a shroud; They will pray and cry for what you have sown, While I will fake a tear on your damaged body. #poésiefrançaise #poesie #poetry #creation #frenchpoetry #poetrylovers #ecriture #écriture #poésie #écrire #ecrivain #ecrivaine #livre #littérature #literature #nature #quotes #citation #mortal #mort #vision #rage #poetry #poetrycommunity
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Bonjour à tous ❤️ Je n'ai pas d'inspiration pour les textes en ce moment, et j'ai beaucoup de dessins à faire, mais je vous offrirai des poèmes après ☺️ Prenez soin de vous 🌸
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#hello 💕
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