Rich Hogan


One of my best friends got me this tiki mosaic. It was made by @wildsville_mosaic Check out her Instagram. She does really cool art!
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2 years ago
Somewhere near the Oregon/California border.
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2 years ago
Proud of Portland!
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3 years ago
St Jimmy Johns. Dange!
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Danger Rocks! 🤘
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3 years ago
A few skaters that I admire greatly. Ron Allen, one of the first African American pro skateboarders. Ollie airwalk down a handrail. Had four of his boards in a row in 1989. And Ray Barbee. Style for days. No comply champ. And a amazing musician. Check em out.
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3 years ago
St. John’s mini ramp. Oregon style...
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3 years ago
I ran Florida this morning. Florida trivia: It is illegal to sing while wear swimwear in public. And illegal to skateboard without a license. Well...that’s what the interweb says anyways.
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3 years ago
My friend Mila showing me her hurt finger.
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3 years ago