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I'll tell you what YouTube Automation definitely isn't: It's not an easy way to make money online uploading low-quality, repetitive videos. Instead, it's all about creating good content that people actually want to watch... But doing it in a way where you're just the business person behind the channel, and not the actual face of the channel.
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It took me 3+ years to learn all this, but I'm giving it away to you for free.
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The creator economy is changing people's lives faster than any other industry.
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YouTube has come a very long way since this video was posted...
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$70 billion in 3 years is more than $63M per day... And YouTube is expected to have another record year in 2024, hitting $33.5 billion in ad revenue. There's no doubt in my mind that this is the best time to start a channel of your own.
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I started my first YouTube channel after saving up some money from my previous online gigs... I worked as a graphic designer on Fiverr, ran a social media agency for a while, built some Instagram theme pages... But it was YouTube Automation that allowed me to earn a living on the internet & start building my future. But that was back in 2020... Since then, YouTube has almost doubled its annual revenue and has paid over $70 billion to creators in the past 3 years alone... If you're looking to set up an additional income stream, I'll show you how to start & scale a faceless channel where you don't need to film or edit any videos. You do that by outsourcing the work to freelancers online for less than $1k/mo, and keep the profit. Just comment "YouTube" under this post and I will send you a step by step guide to get you started.
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MrBeast recently became the most subscribed creator on YouTube, and here's why he's making 3-4x more money than the 2nd most popular channel, T-series
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Dm me "YouTube" and I'll help you get started 👇🏻
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Your favourite creators are making BANK on YouTube and no one is talking about it...
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Celebrities are making a fortune on YouTube which is no surprise... But regular people are starting to take advantage of platform as well, and you probably had no idea about it.
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This is what it takes to be the biggest YouTuber in the worlds and generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year...
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