Music & Sound Design studio
The scene from See Through by @clim_studio . We did music and all the sounds. Like the crystal ratchet here. CREATIVE DIRECTION — Clim PRODUCED BY — @clim_studio CG DESIGN — @linuszoll + @everthonestevan CG ANIMATION — @edgarferrer THANKS TO — Julien Gaboriau + João Lucas EDIT — Clim SOUND DESIGN — @qbsoundstudio
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1 day ago
Our new sound work for the self-initiated project by Clim. We scored music track and did some experimental sound effects. «Exploring the intersection between art and nature, between material, light, and color. A 40 seconds film that showcases 4 realistic yet abstract CG landscapes, each of them in a relationship with a kinetic transparent sculpture» CURATED TEAM: CREATIVE DIRECTION — Clim PRODUCED BY — @clim_studio CG DESIGN — @linuszoll + @everthonestevan CG ANIMATION — @edgarferrer THANKS TO — Julien Gaboriau + João Lucas EDIT — Clim SOUND DESIGN — @qbsoundstudio
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5 days ago
Sound for the series of moving patterns for @artgrid.io It was fun to record and make all that little things sound together. Fantastic team: Production - @Clim_studio Design – @Clim_studio , @everthonestevan Animation – @goodog.tv @everthonestevan and @rishabhgandhi__ Sound – @qbsoundstudio
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1 month ago
That’s how Marvin sounds! Meet a fluffy happy character. It‘s a brand ambassador of the mental health platform „Marvin“. We created custom music and sound design. DIRECTED & PRODUCED BY – @clim_studio CLIENT – Marvin CREATIVE DIRECTOR – @clim_studio 2D CHARACTER DEV – @jonasmosesson + @shutupclaudia + @clim_studio CHARACTER MODELLING – @everfreshdesign + Albert Carruesco CHARACTER RIG – @everfreshdesign 3D LOOK DEV – @jlucas_89 + @edgarferrer 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION – @russ_ether 3D CHARACTER POSING STATIC IMAGES – @herrerasaurus SECONDARY 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION – @herrerasaurus 3D SET DESIGN – @edgarferrer + @jlucas_89 + @clim_studio SFX: @qbsoundstudio
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3 months ago
We were glad to be a part of @wkamsterdam projects for @ffi.green Future Industries. FFI is a global green energy and product company committed to producing zero-emission green hydrogen from 100 per cent renewable sources. Our part was to compose a music and sound desing for 3 short series that describes serious ambitions and plans to supply green power NOW. Check other videos in @wkamsterdam profile.
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5 months ago
We supported @ben_marriott_ , our dear friend from Australia and made music and sound design for the promo of his long awaited online course for motion designers and animators! Check it out and join, it’s cool 😎
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8 months ago
New project! Sound for a series of satisfying loops. Made them abstract and arty like it was a museum. Stunning visuals by @clim_studio , @edgarferrer
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10 months ago
We had so much fun doing sound design for this video. REVELATION is all around a myopia, created by talanted @lady_caballo for @animography_net
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1 year ago
We helped guys from @clim_studio to make reel versions of their amazing loops for the German TV show hosted by celebrity Joko
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1 year ago
We wrote a catchy music piece for Russian Yandex.Lavka delivery and product market service. It was fun to play with odd voice sounds and vocals.
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1 year ago
It was a pleasure to make gentle sound for this 3D piece of art by @clim_studio for Christies auction house. Delicate minimalism and pure luxe.
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1 year ago
It was fun to make the sound for this fluffy cute video! Thanks @saillymanon for the joy of creating this.
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1 year ago