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LEGENDS ONLY 🙌🏼 Raise your glass to the epicenter of alcohol excellence @pinkdot on the sunset strip! Iconic celebrities, including @bryancranston @aaronpaul @adamlevine @thechainsmokers @brodyjenner & @travisscott chose #pinkdot to unveil their own alcohol brands. Experience the pinnacle of taste and celebration at Pink Dot, where star-studded ventures come to life. @doshombres @cacti @drinkmamitas @calirosa @jaja 🥃 🍹 #PinkDotLegacy #SunsetStripSpirits #CelebrityAlcoholLaunch
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8 months ago
If you’ve been to the Sunset Strip, you’ve certainly seen the famous @pinkdot … for those that don’t know, it was THE original grocery delivery service! And for those ha know… you KNOW! This episode of the @visitweho ’s Creators Podcast features @solyamini … CEO of the iconic Pink Dot as well as partner of @urbn_leaf , the first and only dispensary on @thesunsetstrip . Not only is Sol’s story inspiring—I mean, he dropped out of Law School to basically revive and build Pink Dot into what it is today… keeping alive this Strip icon. But his stories ate just as fun! Tune in to this… it’s a fun one! Link in stories and bio! ➡️ And if you’re loving these episodes, subscribe and rate our show on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your fav shows! #thecreatorspodcast #visitwesthollywood #pinkdot #visitweho #sunsetstrip #westhollywood #solyamini #weho #sunsetblvd
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7 months ago
@adamlevine knows what’s up! Excited to announce Pink Dot is officially carrying @calirosa 🥃 @calirosa is a premium tequila made with 100% blue agave, double distilled, and aged in California red wine barrels for 30 days offering a vibrant rosy glow and a uniquely smooth taste. Expect a floral-forward flavor profile with hints of cherry and orange peel. Pick up a bottle today!
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2 years ago
An unforgettable day at #PinkDot for the @hamptonwater bottle signing with @jonbonjovi ! 🍷 Grab a signed bottle exclusively at pink dot! 🫶🏻 #bonjovi #redwine #wine
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22 days ago
Pinkdot proudly sponsored the Grammy afterparty for @hamptonwater , owned by @jonbonjovi 🍷 Celebrating a night of music and success, it was an honor to be part of the festivities of his exclusive afterparty. #wine #redwine #grammys
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22 days ago
something a little stronger has arrived🍹 Awesome day at #pinkdot with @shaymitchell and @drinkonda 🥃 Introducing Onda Tequila Blanco, a modern tequila made with time-honored techniques. Additive-Free. 100% Agave Azul. Ready for sipping or mixing in cocktails. link in bio to order! #tequila #drinkonda
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26 days ago
Discover our new favorite tequila @emylatequila 🥃 Born out of passion and sourced from 100% Blue Webber agave we bring you Emyla Anejo. Sourced from both the Highlands of Jalisco and the Low Lands of Los Altos. Sourced from a natural spring and aged in Used American Oak Kentucky Bourbon barrels, Emyla Anejo is one of the finest all-natural Anejo's to be enjoyed with friends or by the true connoisseur. Here’s to good times, great company, and the spirit of regeneration. 💚 #Tequila #SipSustainably #AnejoLove #TequilaTime
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1 month ago
Dry January who? 🍷 📸: @the.pinklemonade 😮
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1 month ago
new year, same us. 🍸 📸: @worldofkerry 🕶️
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mentally be here until Jan 2nd. 🥂 @kateelisabethxo 🤌🏼
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2 months ago
Need a standout Christmas gift, and fast? We’re here to save the day! From smooth tequilas to fine wines and festive champagnes, we offer a variety of premium alcohols perfect for the holiday season. And guess what? We deliver! So, whether you’re gifting a tequila enthusiast or a wine lover, we’ll bring the perfect holiday cheer right to their door. link in bio to order now! @los_sundays 🤶
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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? We’ve got you covered. 🎄🥃 There’s no better gift than a premium bottle of alcohol for the festive season. Enjoy our top-notch selection, ideal for celebrating. Enjoy hassle-free delivery and guaranteed smiles. Trust us as your guide to holiday spirits! @jaja 🧑‍🎄 Link in bio to order or stop by our store for pickup.
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