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It’s been well over a year since our last post. While this is a far cry from “returning” to the ole social media, living through a pandemic can certainly mess with oneself - in this case momentarily revisiting the gram. We just put this banner in front of our home. It’s basic. And trite. And a bit platitude-y. But it’s also true. We found out Michelle was pregnant with Dottie the night before leaving for a month to Europe. It’s nearly impossible to encapsulate those first feelings and waves of joy, anticipation and intimidation. While we were driving through winding roads in the Irish countryside feeling a bit overwhelmed, and Michelle physically sick to her stomach, we stopped for ginger chews at a roadside shop. As though she had wire-tapped Michelle, this lovely old Irish lady came up to her and simply said “It will be OK”. The amount of comfort it brought to us the rest of the trip is almost silly and we’ve continued to return to those words quite often. We’re not guaranteed it will be better or that it won’t be hard or scary at times but it will be ok. We will be ok. Also worth noting, we are dearly appreciative of everyone actively serving, helping, delivering or in any way standing on the frontlines in this surreal time. Thank you. We send prayers of mercy and love to those who were already marginalized, suffering, lonely, depressed and impoverished. Love to you all from all of us. xoxoxo J+M
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“We are what we do. Or at any rate, we become what we do. And that process of becoming is never-ending…” Full-disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of social-media. In the past few years, our facebook, twitter + tumblr have all kicked the can + now @instagram is on death row. There are dozens of reasons as to why, both anecdotally + empirically, participating in it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Might it affect our income, exposure, brand-image, etc. to go dark? Maybe, possibly. But, might it make me a more attentive father/husband/friend + free up parts of my lizard brain that have been sucked into a loop that by nature has no end and fosters a festering, aching feeling of emptiness? More than likely. And I don’t know how anyone could convince me that this tradeoff isn’t worth it. That being said, we’ll be updating our blog (paperantler.com/blog) regularly now + we have loads of gorgeousness in store that we can’t wait to share. If you want to get a hold of us, send an email to: paperantler@gmail.com Who knows, maybe we’ll pull a Kanye and hop back on at some point. But for now, Oscar Wilde once wrote that, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” To update that phrase for 2019, it seems that, “Life imitates social media far more than social media imitates life” and I for one want to get back to living a bit more fully. Peace, Jonny
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the hoffner fam. striking poses + striking down posers, since 2008.
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melissa + dave’s downtown chicago wedding is ready for your viewing pleasure at: paperantler.com/blog #paperantler @morgansonfulton #morgansonfulton #chicagowedding #chicagoweddingphotographer
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Home from Maui and reliving the most beautiful experience shared with so many amazing women. Thank you @darling and @alaskaair for an unforgettable retreat. More of day 1 can be seen in Stories. Check back in tomorrow for day 2-sunrise canoe, snuba, and a little sushi action🍣 #iflyalaska #thatsdarling #retreat #maui
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Michelle’s in Maui for the week with @darling + @alaskaair ; I’m soaking up time with these darlings in what might as well be Alaska. Tomato, tomatoe. #dottiefern #rockwelloxley
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staring contest #dottiefern
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‘tis jonny, behind the scenes, at the unbelievably stunning @twinfarms in vermont - thanks to @freed_events for the photo #paperantler #twinfarms @bille29 🙏🏻
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it brings us great joy + honor to announce the newest member of our paper antler family: Maddy. Maddy is the real deal. Aside from having a disarming presence, keen eye for detail and a natural eye for beauty, she’s also a world traveler and touring musician. Originally hailing from the west coast, Maddy now calls the midwest home and we couldn’t be more honored to have her as a part of the paper antler fam. She’s available for booking immediately for both local and far-flung weddings: paperantler@gmail.com take a peek at her portfolio at paperantler.com/blog and we’ll simply say you’re welcome. #maddyantler #paperantler #californiabride
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it’s been really encouraging + beautiful to see the response people have had to our 10-year vow renewal. had no intentions of it being published but alas here we are- big thanks @lakebridemagazine - it’s a testament to the lovely work all of our friends + vendors (friendors?) did to make it such a special day and as hokey as it sounds, to the power of love + commitment: @cherrybevents @briarloft @_linyage_ @bykaraelise @eliesajohnson @josephdanielmcmahon @lbjeffriesphotography @alacraterentals @borrowedbar @madalynhunt @shashkabob @rachalbaugh #paperantler @paperantler #dottiefern #rockwelloxley
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