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euros and architecture.
HBD, BB. 12 November 9ths with you. 🥲 You’re my absolute favorite human and I cherish all my time I get to spend with you. ily.
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19 days ago
Incoming: “you guys should get a dog!” comments. #novascotiaducktollingretriever
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28 days ago
Gonna be a good lil truck. Now with much less rusty floors. Still piecing the interior back together. 🫠 #w460 #w460swb
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1 month ago
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4 months ago
A 10 minuter historically doesn’t do that well on IG. But it’s fun stories like this that I care about the most. My grandparents are some of my all time favorite people, and grandma’s log cabin is just a peek into why. The Grands, the cabin, the vehicles, the tenacity, the youthfulness all have been such an inspiration to me.
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5 months ago
I somehow ended up with two K3s. If anyone wants to get into some 16milly, I have a standard gate bayonet mount k3 with all the fixins.
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5 months ago
Just a lil warmup. The sounds this car makes. 👌 #911 #norra1000
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6 months ago
Buncha flash. 📸 This car is unreal. So much work in such a short window of time. 🤤 #minoltacle #summicron40 #mrokkor28mm #portra160 #kodakgold200 #norra1000 #911 #rothsportracing
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6 months ago
More 16mm. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #krasnogorsk3 #k3 #16mmfilm #kodak250d
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7 months ago
16mm film test roll came back. 👌👌👌 I’m about it. #krasnogorsk3 #k3 #16mm #16mmfilm #kodak250d #w201 #190e #190d
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7 months ago