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Thanks to @expeditionportal for the opportunity to share my Dodge Ram “Utilitarian” Four Wheel Camper Build as their April “Featured Vehicle”in Expedition Portal online. Check out the article written by Graeme Bell from @a2a.expedition with support from @a2aexpedition 😆🤙🏼. link to article in bio…
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10 months ago
Just a sneak peak to the new build out. Go to @john.d.klein for more Taco 🌮 content & feel free to follow along. Later
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10 months ago
Had the good fortune to bump into these Overlanding Legends @graeme.r.bell (and Luisa) in Teslin YT. We had a nice chat about their Arctic adventure, life in the North & of course our trucks. Hoping to share a Braai & campfire 🔥 with them someday. Till our paths cross again… safe travels south 🤙🏼.
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10 months ago
Had this skinny Lynx stroll through the property this evening. "Fortune favours the prepared" as I had my Canon camera handy and my settings set to "silent shuttle" mode. Stocking in ahead of her in bare feet gave me an advantage and about 1 minute of shooting before she disappeared into the forest like a ghost...
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3 years ago
My first Full Curl Firday! 6 days, 2 rams down, a wolf pack spooking the sheep, a huge black bear on our meat cache, a nest of wasps in the thick buck brush, many lessons learned the hard way...but the memories that will last a life time.
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3 years ago
Dog Training; perseverance, consistency and faith. After 7 months our Karelian Bear Dog is starting to learn the basics. That's roughly 210 days of training so far. We have faith that our dedication will make for an amazing bush dog and family companion in the future.
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4 years ago
Just finished an excellent basic training session with Nils from @thewildlifek9 who was in Whitehorse today to help us with our 3 month old Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) "Rasta". We now have the basic knowledge to give our girl a soild foundation to avoid future "Human/Wildlife Conflict" with wildlife. It's our responsibility as "owners" to keep our pets from harassing wildlife & that means putting the time/energy into ethical training practices. Please check out the @windriverbearinstitute if you interested in this hunting breed or the programs/ services they offer... We are looking forward to more training sessions in the near future... 🐕✌️
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4 years ago
Spruce Grouse Sunset
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5 years ago
"Getting off route in rough terrain" A reminder to slow down & use good judgement. In this case when things got too sketchy as we approached this rocky headwall, we stopped, ate something, had a drink of water then looked at the topo map again. Yup, we determined this was the WRONG way. We back tracked finding the correct route out. Those small mishaps are some of the memorable moments of any adventure. Have a great weekend.
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6 years ago
"Predator" "Nature red in tooth and claw" = untamed nature which is inherently violent. Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
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6 years ago
"Prey" the Snowshoe Hare is the main source of food for the Canadian Lynx. This is part of an important 10 year ecological cycle causing a rise & crash in the population densities of both wildlife species. Yukon Territory
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6 years ago
Looks like it's Canadian Lynx week with great lynx images by @matherpeter & @joebishop22 . Check out these Yukon photographers, both are doing amazing work. I was able to capture this image of a Canadian lynx at dusk with almost no light left. Lynx are bold & aren't that scared of humans. Some of my photography rules include; move low & slow, allow them to travel towards you & always give them a chance escape if they want to break off the interaction. Please keep them wild. Happy shooting
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6 years ago